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Ok,so I'm trying to gain weight and recover from ed and just wondered if my breakfast this morning is normal eating or a binge(cuz it felt like a binge even though I was really hungry) K,here it is..

About 1-1/2 cups shredded wheat

1Cup Almond Milk

2 whole scrambled eggs w 2 slices of cheese

1-1/2 pieces of toast with 1 TB mayo

I've always hated feeling full and to me that means I ate too much but I guess that's just ED telling me dumb **** God,this is all so hard!

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Totally normal breakfast. Definately not a binge. In fact - that's the sort of breakfast you should be eating every day if your in recovery. Good job! x.

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That's a normal breakfast for someone restoring weight. =) One of my first meal plans was very, very similar to that. Keep up the good work. xx

Thats defiantly not a binge breakfast....I am trying to gain weight and am eating breakfasts like that if not more. 

Thank-you all for the reassurance!Good to know I'm doing something right!

Oh,and I've totally fallen in love with oatmeal :)

Oatmeal is so amazing! I eat it every morning. try it with canned pumpkin puree, pumpkin butter wit cinnamon, nutmeg, and banana mixed in. its amazing :)

I totally agree! I eat oatmeal as part of my breakfast everyday! My favorite combination is oatmeal cooked in water, then once cooked, add brown sugar and a splash of soy milk on top...then after thats all mixed in, I mix in cottage cheese! It sounds disgusting but it is sooo good....give it a try! 

Definitely not a binge!  That actually sounds like a very normal breakfast for an average person without an ED.  Some people tend to skimp on breakfast, but I think it should be just as substantial as lunch and dinner, if not more so.  I had to force myself to become a breakfast eater during recovery, and I've learned to love it because it always gives me more energy throughout the morning.  :)

Oh, and I agree with the oatmeal too.  I love it with sunflower seeds, mashed banana, pumpkin puree, cocoa powder, nut butters, etc (but not all in the same bowl, lol).  You don't just have to limit it to breakfast though. 

Since you're recovering, that's a great breakfast! Just try to get some more veggies/fruits in throughout the day - not to replace any of the things you ate, since they are all good for you, just so you get the variety of nutrients you need. :)

Good job on your recovery process!

thats not a TON of food but i could be a binge. a binge isnt deterimine ont he quanity of food its determind on how you eat the food. if eat a bit and then just uncontroably eat more until you feel waaaay too full. then i would say thats a binge. some people liek me can consume 3000 calories in 10 min no prblem when i binge. but some can only get in 800.

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