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What is the best time of day to weigh yourself?

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I don't know what the best time of day is to weigh myself to get accurate results. I've heard that the time of day as well as what you've eaten and drank as well as whether or not you've gone to the bathroom can all affect weight.

Does it matter though? Are you going to get a huge weight difference after you've eaten than before?

I'm just kind of wondering what happened because yesterday I weighed 101 and hardly ate anything. Today I worked hard at getting calories and had an extended period of face-stuffing, after which I weighed myself, and according to the scale I had gained 4 lbs! That can't possibly be true, no-one can gain that much in one day - I can't even gain that much in a week. So either that extra four pounds was food and drink, or the scale had been misfunctioning previously. Which sounds most plausible?

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Exactly. The number on the scale reflects everything you've eaten or drunk- I've weighed at the beginning of the day and the end and seen up to 5lbs increase! It seems scary but seriously don't worry about it as it's not "real" weight.

Because of that, the best thing to do is weigh in at the same time of the day with as few variables as poss, so in the morning when you get up after peeing is good.

Also don't weigh every day, again the body randomly holds on to water and food takes time to digest etc. so you'll only really get the real impression of weight gain if you weigh once or twice a week and the number is consistently higher.

Hope that help xoxo

best time to weigh yourself is the morning, after the toliet, and before eating, on the same day of the week every week. Then you will spot a trend better. my weight fluctuates by at least 4lbs daily and sometimes even more depending on the day.

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yeah.. i had the same thing... im trying to actually put on weight in the correct way which didnt happen yday as i was at a bbq and party and food is there so i have to just eat it until its gone kind of thing....

we dnt have scales in my house... for simple reasons, but mybest friends does so when i went to her loo, i weighed myself when i arrived, after stuffing my face, worried ihad put on weight, stupidly i know now i weighed myself and it said i had put on 4 pounds, in the space of 1 hour.... i know its difficult to ignore, well for me it is, but seriously the best time of day is when you wake up after the loo, before eating or drinking, but you always have to do this, other wise it will seem like you have put on weight when you havent etc.... vise versa.... hope it helps :) 

I am going to give you "my" answer...and here it is..."it depends"...it depends on what time of the day....I generally weigh myself first thing after I wake up and after my bathroom break....that gives me the starting day weight and I do it the same time, with the same clothes and on the same scale.  It was said in an earlier post about your weight changing based on food consumption and that is definitely true...if you weigh yourself in the morning then right before or even after your last evening meal you will notice more than likely a gain of 5 or more pounds.  SO I guess the bottomline is pick a time of day and do it consistantly at the same time all the time.

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As was already replied, once or twice a week in the morning after using the restroom and before eating.  Also, having a good amount of fiber (10-20 grams) 10-14 hours before you're going to weigh yourself helps with excreting superfluous weight and giving a more accurate reading.  Furthermore, do it naked.

There are many factors that can make your weight fluctuate through out the day, so the best time is just when you wake up in the morning (after you go to the bathroom).   Try to weigh yourself only once or twice a week, because you can actually flucuate slightly up and down from one day to the next depending on the previous days salt intake, etc.  Make sure you are drinking plenty of water each day as well.  But again, first thing in the morning is the best in my opinion.

Original Post by tigzy:

best time to weigh yourself is the morning, after the toliet, and before eating, on the same day of the week every week. Then you will spot a trend better. my weight fluctuates by at least 4lbs daily and sometimes even more depending on the day.

I 100% agree with Tigzy (and everyone else who answered on this).

Remember, the scale's number is not just weighing your fat.  It's weighing everything from Water, Food, Bones, Muscles, Organs - everything!

To get an accurate enough trend and "as close" to fat loss comparison from the scale - weigh in the morning when u wake up and after the restroom.

Throughout the day you drink, eat, sweat, bloat, etc. so it fluctuates way to much to be accurate.

Hope that helps


Uberman, thanks for your reply. You were right about everything... except this is a weight gain forum, not a fat loss one! We're all malnutritioned and underweight, either from disease, eating disorders, or facial injuries, and trying desperately to gain enough wait to a) be healthy again and b) stay out of the hospital.

Other than that it was a great reply. :)

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