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Weight Gain
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Appetite is poor !!! how to gain weight????!

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Hi,  is there any solution for increasing appetite?

If somebody with poor appetite (but healthy) and underweight so how to increase the weight then?!!

Would loooooooooove to hear some advices...

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Try to eat small things that are high in calories. Weight gainer shakes or bars may help at the start, as well as whole grain breads. Once you start eating more and start gaining a little of the weight back, your appetite should increase.

if you've been undernourished for a long time (via self-induced restriction or otherwise), it's likely that your metabolism is very sluggish and your digestive processes are slow (delayed gastric emptying can lead to very full feelings after eating small quantities).  novileigh is right in suggesting calorically dense things that will help get your calories up without filling your belly too much.  might i suggest peanut butter?  you might be surprised by a voracious appetite once you get your calories up enough to rebound your metabolism.  it might just not be so comfortable at first.  good luck!

I agree with the other posters. You do need to just start eating more, regardless of your appetite. Once you start eating more, your appetite will increase. When I was gaining weight it took a couple of weeks, and then all of a sudden I got hungry. Good luck!

Mechanical eating. Make yourself a plan and stick to it, with meals and snacks at set times. Eat even if you do not feel hungry. And talk to a doctor, most importantly; loss of appetite is usually a symptom of something much more serious.

Hi first I am confused a little. Your other post is about having to be on candida diet. Is this still the case? You also stated here that you are healthy and though you may not have an ed it does seem like you are dealing with some health concerns. I would encourage you to like lala said talk to your doctors because if you do have underlying health conditions it is key to follow a meal plan for that. If you get a plan and still have appetite that is poor a lot is about training your body to feel its hunger cues. Unfortunatly when underweight you can't always go with hunger because you would never be able to meet your calorie needs so often food needs to be seen as medicine. Eating every few hours and condensing food can really aid in this. I hope you feel better and can find a way to nurish your body through the challenges

When you're gaining weight, especially in the beginning, most people don't have an appetite.  One thing to try is (though it's not a long-term solution) liquid nutrition.  Try high calorie smoothies or milkshakes, with ingredients like:  whole milk, heavy whipping cream, bananas, frozen fruit, full-fat yogurt, ice cream, peanut butter, even oil.  Or you can make the drink with Ensure plus (a weight gain supplement).  

Another thing to try is eating very high calorie, but dense foods.  Think:  nuts, trail mix, ice cream, whole milk, chocolate milk, nut butter, beef, muffins, bagels, olive oil, cream, dark chocolate, etc.  

Good luck!

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novileigh...... thank you for this reply, I will try your advice.


cruumb......... I am not  undernousished but I will try to insert pinut butter to my meals..I never tried it :) know when you have no appetite it's just hard to accept food specially hard ones!!!


lalabanana............I will try to do this, it seems doable and will work for it... I've been to doctor and doing whole blood work and all back fine...

abbi333.......yes I am on candida diet but not certainly candida that I have but the doctor put me on this diet because he think that I might have candida or some food allergy which can cause loss of appetite SOMETIMES with me..So he wants to cut off all possibilities than induce new food each time for me to see my body reaction.I said healthy because all my tests are fine just I sometimes experience some poor appeitite when I am nervous..but I nerver was ed... in our region it's very rare this disorder since they like to be nearly chubby :)))) also my IBM is 18 and I just need 3 more kilograms to ad to my weight.


swimfan93.....................very helpful ideas...really big thanks!!!!!!!!!

good luck for you as well





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