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Weight Gain
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Anyone from Australia?

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LaughingHi Everyone

Is anyone here from Australia?

I'm in sydney and would love to be/get a support buddy.

This site is the most motivated, inspirational site!

Take care all x

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im in south australia....... i swear there is only one person from each state on this site >.<

Hello fellow Aussies :)

I'm from The Central Coast (about 1 1/2 hrs North of Sydney). Been a member here for a few years now.

I'm 27, a mum of two and trying for a third (gotta gain some more weight) nice to have you on board!

Victoria :)

melbourne australia! sorry ajc83 was meant to reply to your msg but hadnt been on here for a while! def happy to be a support buddy- im starting a day program as of monday and super motivated to gain some weight! its tough being male with an ED but im determined to beat it and with motivation, we can conquer it!

Sydney :)

Hi all resident Aussies!

anyone want to team up and be buddies?

might be helpful as we are in the same / similar time zones.

take care


Oh I have been lurking this site for so long in the hopes that there would be people from Australia! I've not come across another Australian site, like this one, which makes it difficult to find people in similar situations, in similar places!

I'm from Victoria, in an awful little town with not much support whatsoever, aside from a Dietitian and a CAMHS worker.

Vanenst, agreed :) got to love country victorian towns.

Its not much better in Sydney unfortunatley!

I'm up for some Aussie *cheerleading*!

how is everyone going? ive been super motivated this week eating more and feeling more energised! we can conquer all!

I also live in the central coast! I live in Gosford:)

Although I lived in Hobart, Tasmania most of my life, right up until last year, when I moved.

yay I never knew there were this many Aussies on here!

I am weight restored but bloody hate it. Sorry, I am only maintaining my weight cos it is my bodies healthy place, and not because I like it lol!

So although I am happy about being healthy I do NOT actually l

ike the fact that I had to gain.

I dunno that every 1 NEEDS to love their bodies and LOVE the fact of gaining, to be happy. I know I am happy at times, in spite of this fact.

I hopr your treatment is going well Arm! Hope they r nice ppl that seam to care bout u. Just kno that although u may not like the way u look, that life can still be good lol.

I'm an Aussie! -New to the site, not new to recovery-

I'm Currently in Rockhampton QLD.. Buuuuut I'm moveing on the 22nd To a place about a hour outta Newcastle. Would love a recovery buddy!  Personally i'm over haveing tubes shoved down my nose and then them claiming im recovered once i've reached their goal weight, only to be back in within a month. I'm OVER it, Anna can pi$$ off cause this is my life damnit!

Hey guys.. I'm not a gainer but I saw this thread and had to say hi...

I'm from Sydney Smile

why hello lovely aussies!

hope youre all kicking some recovery butt!!!

always here if you guys feel l like writing or pm'ing

take care

Hey everyone even though I'd made big changes I've been moved to hospital and currently writing from here! It's boring but motivating me to gain the weight! Following a strict meal plan and I'm just bored argh, it's at an actual hospital not a specific Ed clinic with other patients just willing the time away! Any recovery stories? Just need abit of motivation!

Sorry to hear you are in hospital...perhaps its a good chance to catch up on all those magazines youve been wanting to read. I made a scarf whilst I was in IP...and just being there having to get pushed around in a wheelchair was enough motivation never to go back to that place in my life again. good luck!

We HAVE to keep this AUssie thread going!  I have been weight resotred for months now and have no desire to become too thin again - BMI 19 - 20,  166cm and about 54 kilo's. But I have large boobs and a butt so I am not made to be super slim.

ARM - Please PM me about your situation, I am worried to hear you are in hosiptal, your last update was filled with hope, I thought you were starting a day programn and getting the professional help that you needed?  At least you have set meal plans in hospital,  but are they meal plans that give you enough to gain weight?

Any one want to talk about their recovery?  Although I am a healthy weight now, I still considering myself to be recovering from an ED. Most people have connotations of an ED that implies only thin people have them. But I still feel that I am disordered to some extent.

For example, I have no desire to be unhealthily thin, but I do like being thin and think " what if I was thinner"  when I feel that I fall short in other areas in my life. Being thin just compensates for my bad, unnattractive qualities in my opinion.

I hope other Austalians can share their stories here.

I live in central coast NSW and wish there was like, a bunch of people recovering from EDs that could hang out sometimes, and just talk about it and support each other with being healthy. Over the internet is great, but in person would be better.

I agree with you, Leigh. Meeting up and being able to physically talk with others who are going through similar ordeals would be a great help and relief. For a small(ish) country, we're quite wide spread!

Australian ED centres aren't as good as those abroad, I've come to realise. I was sent to a Paediatrics ward in Melbourne which was only for weight gain - no psychological or emotional support was there aside from phone calls with parents!

Like you, Amanda, I never want to go back to such a place. I'm happier here on the outside. It's been a struggle to stay afloat, but I think my parents are mostly to thank for me not slipping back. It's a hard battle to continuously fight, but it's worth it. It is so worth it.


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