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To all weight gain forum members: please read & respond that you agree before starting threads ....

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Due to a ton of "recovery" threads started in the Weight Gain forum, 

If you post a topic in this forum unrelated to Weight Gain DIRECTLY I will have to delete it. The moderators spend their day moving posts rather than doing what we should be doing on this site, which is reading posts and trying to help others and ourselves.


REMINDER: This is not an ED forum, it's a WEIGHT GAINING forum

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Ok nyc girl: thats great, i would love for there to be more focus on pure weight gain here. Thanks!



Thanks DN, I appreciate your posting. I am waiting to hear from the rest of the thread starters ....

Totally agree nycgirl. Smile Sometimes the posts on here seem abit triggering if they are not about (positive) weight gain. x..

Totally agree and accept! Thank you nycgirl :) We all have low moments but its good to see that those posts will be in the health and support section from now on! :) Hope everyone is doing well! x

I agree and accept!

Thanks guys, totally appreciate the support and committment to the WG forum. Just a few other thread starters I need to hear from ...

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agreed nycgirl, no problem.

I saw on another thread I need to post here before I can post up a forum. I'm just looking to help out my husband gain some weight so I probably won't be a constant poster here.

I accept the terms of the forum and look forward to helping one my loved one

I just don't want my post locked when I'm looking for help for him. :)

No probs, agreed :)

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Agree and accept :D

Sweet, thanks guys! Great feedback. Go weight gainers!!!!

Looking forward to hearing from still a few more people!

AGREE and acceot :)

sounds good to me! :)


i agree :)

Thanks again everyone! Still waiting to hear from a few others :)

i agree.

I agree.

I don't post here too often but this forum has been helpful to me when I have posted...I would hate to see my posts deleted so, of course, I accept and agree.

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