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why vegetarians should not eat eggs!!!

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I just read on that chickens farmed for laying eggs are kept in crates stacked atop one another. They live in feces and disease. when they can't lay anymore, they are often so beaten up that they are ground into cat food.

Their male offspring are often ground up alive or suffocated.

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Uhh....I live in Philadelphia in an apartment with no yard - tell me, how DO you suggest I raise my own chickens?  (or find a farm within a reasonable distance, for that matter).

Hahaha, maybe in addition to all the stray cats around here, there'll be stray chickens too.  Wait...that might not work out so well :)

I am trying to free the egg from it's bad name because of bad practices.  No you shouldn't raise chickens at home because they will smell bad.  Marconi685(sorry for picking on you) is suggesting that we all stop eating eggs.  I want to suggest finding eggs that came from a place that uses decent methods of raising chickens. 

The least lazy way and the best way to avoid pointing fingers at bad guys is to raise them.(the chikens)

You may have to rely on uncle/cousin/friend  someone who lives where chickens can be raised.

The original post  has a title "Why vegetarians should not eat eggs",  I want to say that the reason is political against one documentary, not the whole of egg production.

I expected there would be a medical reason, but not so.

PS sorry for not responding sooner, I was having technical difficulty with my account!
As one who has kept hens, I can say that they do not smell bad if their coop is cleaned.  I liked knowing where my eggs came from and what my chickens were eating.  The thing I couldn't do was kill them when they were too old to lay.  I gave them to a farmer and tried not to think about their fate.  I stopped raising them when I moved to an area with animal ordinances.

by the way, those droppings are the best fertilizer in the world.
Well I wouldn't eat eggs anyway (I'm very content with my 0mg per day cholesterol intake, thanks) but I was just trying to make a point that what you're suggesting isn't practical for most people.

Even if I WERE to rely on someone else to raise my chickens for me that would require me to A. impose upon someone else to raise chickens so that I could eat eggs without having a moral dilemma (which, if I'm not mistaken, would be pushing my own set of beliefs upon someone else, which is evidently something that doesn't sit well with you, as it shouldn't) and B. drive howevermany miles to that inconvenienced individuals house every week to pick up said eggs so that I might bring them home and cook them.  City dwellers can't drive 10 minutes and all of a sudden end up in farm land. 

The person who posted this was just trying to point out an issue that does, in fact exist.  The post was made with the assumption that MOST people don't have the alternative to store-bought eggs that you are suggesting.  To those of you who keep chickens as companion animals - good for you.
My message is/was/still is:

Not all eggs come from a terrible place!

Vegetarian/meat eaters alike should boycott those eggs, not all eggs.
I guess that depends on your point of view fb...In my opinion, I would not want to eat something (an egg) that comes out of the place it does (the thought is terrible to me) without getting into the anatomy of a chicken or graphic detail...regardless of how great the conditions are.

But I respect that other people do, so let's call it a day and be happy! :)
Long before vegetarianism was a blip on my horizon I was SO happy when I bought my first free-range eggs. They were marked "Poules en liberte" (hens in freedom) and it felt good to support better farming practises.

But the eggs I can find in the supermarket are still a product of factory farming: the hens are raised under much better (IMHO) conditions than the usual tiny cages but they still live in huge overcrowded barns. Their lives are only slightly better than those of chickens raised for meat.

How hens are treated varies very widely. I'm not about to drive all the way to a farmer's market to get more humanely raised eggs when I buy six eggs a month or so (and farmer's markets only exist here during the brief summer, anyway). I buy supermarket eggs labeled "free range" (and usually organic, too). But I can certainly understand someone who avoided eggs entirely because of this sort of issue. And they ARE loaded with cholesterol!
Once you boil it or fry it, get it to the bacteria killing temperature it is not so bad.   I would agree I do not want anything(salmonila,ecoli) from a chicken to be alive when it enters my body! 

I have had raw eggs before, but that was before I knew what could be lurking under the microscope!

As for living in sin city, I guess there is no good answer to finding an Ideal egg.  I suggest moving to the country.
or just don't eat eggs.  ;-)
haha : ) brilliant idea!
hi, ive been believing "free range" eggs are ligitimate, but in light of some of the other posts, i was wondering if someone could provide a link to a reliable site that can confirm that the eggs are coming from unhappy chickens who just happen to be uncaged (though poorly treated none the less).  im going to continue to research some more on my own, but itd be helpful anyway.  i just dont want to be hit with any extremist propaganda (whether for or against egg eating) more interested in reliability than shock value....k thanks lol
if you check your local supermarket egg section, you will see that there is a difference between "cage free" and "free range"  chickens.

those who support cruelty-free chicken farming write an extensive blurb on the packaging about the living conditions of the chickens, vs. just tossing key words on there to attract potential buyers.

also, you can always do a little research on the website of the company from which you are thinking of buyin the eggs...usually the companies (small or otherwise) who provide truly cruelty-free environments will go into detail about this on their websites.

good luck!!
they're called battery hens or caged hens and any normal egg box will tell you if the hens that layed the eggs were caged or not.

Free range eggs means the hens were free to move around outside and not put into a cage at all. So veggies can eat free range eggs because the hens were in no way harmed. But yeah caged hens is disgusting. It makes me cry whenever i see a picture on tv or something.
If you're looking for a good way to get cruelty-free eggs (and much fresher ones too) try your local farmer's market. Most major cities and quite a few small towns have them now. That way you can talk to someone directly involved in raising them. This also goes for dairy and meat if your local market is large enough.
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I always think of eggs as babies too...I have been a vegetarian for a long time. I dont eat eggs any more thou, they are disgusting in any form..
I work in a shop where we know the farm that our eggs come from - properly free range. They're the only ones I eat.
im  confussed wif the whole eggs thing , im 14 and iv been a vegetarian for nearly 2 years , my whole family isn't vegetaians so its hard , my mum cooks my vegetarian foods but she said I SHOULD take eggs and cheese , i don't want to , i don't belive in killing animlas etc , we all should stand up for the animals and they belief , NO ONE SHOULD CHANGE US !!!!!
Umm I have a question about an earlier post ....

"And there are many vegetables that have protein,  you do not have to eat eggs that have come from cruelty raised chickens.     Keep eating eggs, but try to find ones not raised cruelty. m has a list of vegetables that have protein.  "

This website refers to the neccessity of pairing vegs to get a complete  essential amino acids in a given meal.

I thought that had been debunked and was no true.

The challenge with eggs is that so many foods are made using eggs in the recipe. I really don't understand how to substitute for eggs in recipes or how to know when I should use X vs Y vs Z egg substitute.
(Sorry if someone has already said this BUT!)
Not all eggs are harvested that way.
YES a lot are and it is unbelievably disgusting, but not all.
Theres a free-range chicken farm not too far north from where i live for instance, frequently while driving past you see their hundreds of chickens outside together.
Freely going between their barn and their paddock.
You really just have to be careful what eggs you buy.
If you DO eat eggs, then simply try to find Free-Range eggs.
They are a little more expensive but hey, its worth it right?
tofu scrambles are AMAZING! it really does have similiar consistency to eggs... i got my sister to think they were the other morning, but of course she threw some pork sausage on top anyway! I add garlic powder, seasoned salt but you can add like pappys seasoning with no sodium! and then I will put a bit of cheese on top... let it melt, add some veg. sausage and yummmm. I was vegan for 5 months, made myself lactose intolerant and don't drink milk and REFUSE to eat eggs... however I've been a vegetarian since conception. I'm so glad my experimentation led me to the tofu scramble... its so good, put your own twist on it and you will never have to worry about scrambled eggs again!

but btw, for baking purposes... I use eggs, I used fake eggs and then realized they were just dyed egg whites... GROSS, who makes an actual legit quasi-egg for baking??
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