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Vegetarian on Passover? Help with menu!

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Hey guys, I have a bit of a dilemma. Passover, a Jewish holiday is next week. During that week, no bread, or any of the five grains: barley, spelt, wheat, rye, or oats are permitted to be eaten.

Here's the full list:

Ascorbic acid (kitniyos shenishtanu)  May be Chometz
Aspartame (Nutrasweet) kitniyos shenishtanu  May be chometz    
Black eye peas
Canola oil
Citric Acid kitniyos shenishtanu – May be Chometz
corn (maize)
corn syrup- glucose syrup– enzymes used to produce it made from chometz
cumin (may contain chometz according to Israeli chief rabbinate: 3/04)
dextrose - COULD BE CHOMETZ if made outside of the US & Canada
Erythrobic acid kitniyos shenishtanu -  – May be Chometz
flavorings (some) -  – May be Chometz
Flax Seeds: (this is cosidered to be acceptable by some rabbis and kitniot by others)
Hemp (seeds and pods are kitniot)
hydrolyzed vegetable protein - COULD BE CHOMETZ EVEN IN THE US
Malto-dextrins –Millet
MSG kitniyos shenishtanu - 
Poppy seeds
rice (vitamins added may be chometz)
sesame seeds
Snow Peas
sorbitol -
Soy Oil, Corn Oil - corn syrup, soy lecithin all are Kitniyos
String Beans
sunflower seeds
Wild Rice
Xanthan Gum kitniyos shenishtanu  – May be Chometz


So my question is, what the heck can a vegetarian eat to even get close to enough calories during Passover? Any help or sample menus would be much appreciated, thankss!

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Quinoa is not considered kitniot so that may be your best bet as far as a grain goes.  Do you eat eggs and dairy?  If so, I would recommend eggs, cottage cheese, and greek yogurt.  I would also recommend nuts and dried fruit for snacks.  Also even though the peanut is kitniot, you may be able to have some other "nut butters" like almond butter (the natural types have no additives).  You are going to be missing starches which I'm guessing are now a large portion of your diet since you are a vegetarian, so I would also add potatoes and sweet potatoes.  Hope this helps!

That is a tough list of restrictions.  I second quinoa.. vegetable quinoa pilaf or a cold quinoa salad (make it like tabbouleh).  Amaranth can be good too.  You can buy the flour of both "grains" (i think they are actually considered seeds?) and you could cook/bake with coconut flour as well.  If you can eat eggs or egg replacers you could make vegetable latkes coconut flour pancakes/muffins.  Unless you not allowed bread at all (or just bread made with those five grains?).  Roasted root vegetables. You could bake with almond meal.  Avocado salad.  Baked apples with quinoa flakes and nuts.  Spaghetti squash with tomato sauce.  Perfect time for experimentation!  Good luck :-)

yes-I can eat eggs and cheese, but really hate both, the only dairy I eat is yogurt...but what are some breakfast ideas/lunch ideas? I was thinking a lot of yogurt with nuts and dried fruit in it, but I can't have that for two meals of the day-or can I? I'm really picky, and usually for lunch I have some form of a peanut butter sandwich-whether with a banana or jelly...what can I have almost mimic that, haha?

Here is my plan. I'm not a vegetarian (I eat fish sometimes), but here are the veg-friendly, kosher-for-Pesach dishes that will most likely eat:

Breakfast options:

  • Greek yogurt with sliced almonds and bananas or sliced almonds and honey
  • quinoa "porridge" with quinoa, milk, raisins, cinnamon, and vanilla
  • spinach and cheddar omelets with homefries (I'll be making a big batch of homefries in advance because they take too long to cook!)

Lunch options:

  • whole wheat matzoh with cashew butter and bananas, side of baby carrots with tzatziki yogurt dip
  • quinoa salad (minus the shrimp, and subbing white wine vinegar for rice wine vinegar, and olive oil for canola oil)
  • big green salad with blue cheese, walnuts, grapes, homemade vinaigrette (shallots, vinegar, olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, honey), onion egg matzoh on the side
  • greek salad with feta cheese, black olives, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, and whole wheat matzoh dipped in tzatziki yogurt dip on the side

Dinner options:

  • stuffed portobello mushrooms (stuffing made from cooked quinoa, onions and chopped mushroom stems sauteed in butter, and chopped parsley)
  • baked potatoes, stuffed with cheddar and broccoli, topped with Greek yogurt (as a substitute for sour cream)
  • other than that, I'll probably be eating non-veggie at dinner

ahh omg thanks you so much! all those options look delish...I actually bought some quinoa, and made a big batch of it already, but no idea what to do with it-do you think I could cook in a banana, almond butter, and honey into it? Would it taste good? I'm def having greek yogurt, and I also lovee the idea of a banana+cashew butter sammie! I hate matzah tho, but maybe it would be ok like that. I think I'm good for dinner, prob gona load up on some matzo ball soup :)

You're welcome! I hate matzah too (especially what it does to my digestive tract), but I figure that I can probably tolerate one or two pieces a day without too much trouble. Plus, I can only eat so many potatoes.

Personally, I'm just starting to explore the world of quinoa, but I would bet that anything you can do to oatmeal, you can do to quinoa. So I would definitely try the banana/almond butter/honey combo!

I'm looking forward to the matzo ball soup too, but will probably only have it while I'm at my parents' house for the seders. My mom's matzo balls are incredibly dense - just the way I like them! I'm way too lazy to make them on my own though.

Do you eat fish? I'll be eating a can a day for the entire holiday :(  I also bought unsalted nuts and almond butter.

I'm not veg, so for dinners I'm planning a few nights of baked salmon and a few nights of backen chicken. 

theholla: yea, I guess I can live with matzah samms for a week-I don't allyeven like bread that much, usually put pb&j on a pita :). And quinoa sounds like such a good food, so much protein, which I neverrr get enough of, and prob similar to oatmeal. Matzo ball soup-ahh so good! I can't even describe how good it is-but my mom is making them, and no offense to her, they're nothing like my grandma's haha!I actually like my matzo balls, bu just didn't have the time to make them and probably won't.

debra: I do eat fish, but only wild salmon, I'm very picky, and don't like it that much, so I usually only have it when itsthe only option :/

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