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VEGAN Question ! - Egg Whites

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I'm sorry if this has been posted before. I'm thinking about becoming vegan so I was reading up on some sites to give me ideas on the types of food I could eat. Now one site read that I could eat egg whites.

Is this true? How many of you vegans eat egg whites?

Personally I think this just defeats the purpose of eliminating eggs from your diet. I mean, if you get cartoned egg whites, the egg yolks are still going to be tossed. And if you separate the egg yourself, you're still tossing the yolk.

I'm not going to eat egg whites either way, I was just wondering how many of you vegans do and if it is typical for a vegan to eat egg whites.

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...that is so weird!

I don't eat egg whites. They're an animal I don't eat them.

Egg whites are definitely not vegan.  I would avoid any site that trys to tell you they are.

I'm not vegan and even I barely ever eat eggs...  I agree with mikelane, I'd be wary of a site that says egg whites are vegan.  Debateable whether it is meat, but it is most definitely an animal product.  Wonder what that site says about honey.  :/
...yeah, that's definitely not normal.  I know there's a debate about the acceptability of honey, (I have friends who call themselves vegan but come down firmly on either side of the honey war) but egg whites? How much more of an animal product could they be?

Thank you everyone. :) I completely agree and I definitley will not be following that site! Funny thing is though, the website stated that honey was unacceptable. Oh well, I don't eat honey anyways (I actually avoid it all costs).

Well, there is a difference between Vegetarian and Vegan.  Vegan is a form of vegetarianism along with "ovo-lacto vegetarian," and "semi-vegetarian."  Check out this website for the DL arian.html
that is weird.  Could they be talking about imitation egg whites?  My grocery store sells vegan egg whites, but they're not from actual eggs (I have no clue what they are made of, sorry)
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