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Vegan Protein I getting enough? How much protein should you be getting if you want to lose weight+build muscle?

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 Hello I am hoping someone out there can help me, Im a vegan and since I keep track of my food intake here on calorie count I know that I get about 50g a protein a day, It meets the daily requirement but my friend told me that if I want to lose weight and build muscle I should be having 50g per meal ( or 1 gram of protein for each pound of body weight) does anyone know if this is true? And if so any ideas on how I can bump up my protein intake while not increasing my calories so much? Thanks !

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50g per meal would be WAY too much. 

look at this calculator to determine how much protein you should eat

take your weight in lbs, divide by 2.2 to get weight in kgs.  then multiply by 0.8.  That is your protein intake for the day!  Most people think this number is far too low, but I am a 3rd year dietetics major, and we learn that americans take in far too much protein and the recommended protein intake is much lower!  Hope this helps! 

Thanks a lot! Looks like I need to up it a bit! Thanks for the help

What would be the downside of too much protein?

These websites are great resources:

Protein in the Vegan Diet


How Much Protein Do You Need? s/nutrition/protein_2/

there are some studies that show you can't really process over 30+ grams of protein per session (dont know if they are talking minutes an hour or what??). 

the right amount of protein also depends on what activities you are doing. so yes some americans are getting too much protein because they are not that active. when i was doing some heavy lifting & running (basically working out hard 4-6 times per week), as well as walking 90 minutes to/fro work each day, this was my eating schedule:

morning at home: oatmeal with skim milk & flaxseeds oils

*walk to work 45 minutes*

morning at work: 2 eggs w/ peps & toms

mid morning snack: apple w/ pb

lunch: bulgur, roasted root veggies & beans (w/ some sauce of course)

afternoon snack: ryvita cracks w/ laughing cow spread & eng mustard

*walk home 45 minutes*

pre-workout snack: banana & pb (yes i love pb!)

*running &/or lifting 1 hr in gym*

post-workout snack: protein drink

dinner: spelt pasta w/ veggies & beans

yes ok that's a lot of meals/snacks, dinner after i workout tends to be the biggest. but i even managed to lose weight & gain muscle by eating all the time. & as you can see i try to get balanced protein every meal (i.e. grain w/ legume). you dont have to but i find its easier to keep track of. i believe in experimenting until you find something that works for you.

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