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What vegan foods are high in protein, low in calories?

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I used to eat TONS of egg whites every day, and it really helped keep me full. 17 calories, 3.5 g of protein. But now that I'm eating vegan, I can't find similar low calorie foods that have such a good calorie: protein ratio.

I know there's beans, tofu, nuts, whole grains, broccoli/veggies, but they don't have as much protein for the calories. It was what kept me from going vegan for a long time actually. What I do now is try to fill up on veggies. Oh, and I also like to eat veggie dogs and burgers. If I remember correctly, a vegan Boca burger patty is 70 calories and18 g of protein. But they are expensive, high in sodium, and overly processed... And I really want to up my protein, because I find myself getting hungry constantly, and I really think it has to do with not eating my egg whites anymore. So, any suggestions for vegan foods high in protein and low in calories would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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Wheat germ?  I don't know, is 8 grams in 100 calories high protein?

Do you get plenty of fats and oils in your new diet?  Fats will slow the emptying of the stomach.... so add some to the beans, legumes/pulses, tofu, grains, nuts etc., and you may find it helps.   If you make a point of getting a portion of protein at each meal you'll find they are longer lasting.  Not skimping on the amounts of course  e.g. spread a good 3oz of hummus on a lunchtime sandwich.  Finally, make sure you're getting enough calories in your day....... 'not eating enough' will leave you hungry.

Whole grains- wheat berries, quinoa, etc.  Legumes- lentils, beans.  All very high protein and very high fiber.  Pretty low calorie-wise.

Calories are not necessarily the enemy here.  If you can manage to remove at least some of the refined flours and sugar, snacks such as chips, etc. from your diet, I think you'll make a bigger dent.  Or, perhaps you've already done that.

And as Jane pointed out, fats (and fiber) will leave you feeling full longer.  Good fats can come from avocado, raw nuts and seed, coconut/walnut/macadamia nut/olive oils (cold pressed), etc.  I intentionally add fats to almost everything I eat.

Thanks for the replies everyone! I do like hummus, and I eat a LOT of that. I've also recently discovered soy nuts! 12 g of protein AND 6 g of fiber for 110 calories, a 1/3 cup serving. Also, unsweetened soy milk has 80 calories and 7 g of protein. Both are delicious too.

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