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Hi I am thinking about going vegan, but I want to know a bunch of benefits for my body, health and skin. Please tell me some benefits and some tips on getting enough protein or fiber but little sugar. Thank you.

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That's great that you want to go vegan. Good sources of protein include beans (like black beans, chickpeas, pinto, etc.), nuts, nut butters (get ones without sugar if you're concerned about that), lentils, soy products, whole grains, and peas. If you eat enough fruits and vegetables, you'll get plenty of fiber. The sugar in fruit is much different than refined sugar. It's perfectly healthy. I don't know how veganism will benefit you, but I know for me it gave me much more energy and I just felt physically better overall. Good luck!

Thank's so much! I'm glad the sugar in fruit is different than refined sugar because i eat a lot of fruit daily.
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