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How do I start being vegetarian?

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Hi! Here is the thing I want to have a healthier style but I don't like veggies. The thing is I know they are good for me, so how can I start? Also, are there more low cost aletrnatives for vegetarians? Here is Puerto Rico being vegetarian is a luxury...
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Do you have access to a nutritionalist? if so, that would be a good start. Find some veggies you like and eat them.. make sure you get enough protein through either beans, soy, tofu, etc... or powder. I try to eat one serving of potatoes or rice and 3 veggies in my evening meal and try to get some protein, like eggs or peanut butter at lunch.

I find all specifically vegetarien foods (like tofu and fake meats) are fairly expensive and almost never go on sale. but theres loads of things you can eat that aren't, like beans and other veggies.

Just try to avoid replacing meat with junk food and I think you'll be fine :) Good Luck

Sarah <3
Hello lightneo, I should admit when i first became a vegetarion (in jr highschool) I dont like vegetables either!! I think the problem is that most people here eat their veggies raw (Like in salad). I like salad, but not too muich. I survive my fibre from stir fry or vegetable soup (it definitely make a different), and i eat it with other thing (ex: rice, tofu, etc.). You can still consume cheese or eggs or milk if ure not a vegan, so it definitely not hard. :)) i think u could start from not eating red meat, then reduce poultry, and have seafoods occasionally. The red meat is the one that affects my body the most, once i stop eating it, i feel way better. So yea, i hope this help, trust me, once u become a vegetarian, u will never want to eat met again (it tastes kind of gross lol)
I would start by finding out why you want to do this and make that central issue for you during meal choices and preparation. Once you know for sure why you're doing it, you'll be much more motivated to follow through. After that, I'd say to cut out all red meats and reduce your poultry to 2-3x a week. Replace it with lentils, beans, tofu, and other soy products. If you're not vegan, like princess-stephanie said, you can eat some dairy as a replacement.

If you can cook, even minimally like me, you can look online for simple recipes by searching for certain veggies you like and then adding some kind of protein with it. Remember to add protein to every meal to keep you full. And that eating veggies is the only way you can possibly eat healthily on a veggie/vegan diet. Otherwise, your fiber and nutrient intakes will be very low and you will feel horrible.

Also, just use this site for support and food ideas. The easiest thing I do is stirfry veggies in skillet with some onions and garlic with any veggies you like. Spend time in the produce section picking out veggies you are willing to try or like and add it to your stirfry! It is definitely worth all of the energy and time, you'll feel more healthy...good luck!
I agree with veganlove. If you want to become completely vegetarian vs eat vegetarian most of the time, than that's different, but I think it's important that you know why you're doing this (other than it's cheaper, etc, be/c that's probably not enough to keep you motivated).

I became an ethical veg 5 years ago, but I had an "awakening" as I like to call it. I saw meat as a dead carcass, so I admit it was a little easier for me.
I also became a veggie 5 years ago!

I think the first thing  to do to become  a vegetarian  dosent include your health..

being healthy is one thing but you have to get a like a little voice in your head to finaly say to you " gross! Meat is .. DEAD! dont ruin your body with DEAD stuff!"

then you can think about health!

I am probley the most picky veggie I know! I hate onions and bell peppers and oter veggies but if you eat like different things with that stuff in them it helps.. like I hate mushrooms alone but in a blackbean and mushroom veggie burger.. yummy!..

its eaiser then some may think.

: )
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<< Hi! Here is the thing I want to have a healthier style but I don't like veggies. The thing is I know they are good for me, so how can I start? >>

My health was not very good and that is why i started a vegetarian diet. This book motivate me to do that. Now i feel better and it is just 2 weeks ago i started taking a full plant based diet. I get motivation and information from an ebook call Foundation Health Diet. 

I never knew that veggies can be so good to us. 
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I talk to my other vegetarian friends too, they say that they see a dead body when they see meat. I am not at that stage yet and i am more concerned about my health.

It makes sense that meat is another body of a living thing and to some, it is kind of not right to eat them because you have to kill them first. It seems that we do not have the right to take others people's life. 
Recipes, recipes, recipes.  The only way it works for me is if I enjoy my food.  My suggestion is, go find some recipe books and have at it.  There's a world of fantastic food out there, not just salads...  I do love raw food recipes too though:)

Here's a couple of good recipe books:

The first vegetarian cookbook I ever bought was "The Enchanted Broccoli Forest" by Mollie Katzen.  Lots of classics and great tips and notes.  Awesome.  Frankly, most of Mollie Katzen's cookbooks are great.

My favorite is "Fresh Food Fast" by Peter Berley and Melissa Clark.  It breaks up its recipes by season so the ingredients are available fresh.  It helps by setting up your order of operations which is most helpful if you're not a natural in the kitchen. 

There are many fantastic vegetarian Indian, Thai, Italian and other ethnic foods that make vegetarian eating even better.  This worked great for me because the flavors were so good that I grooved myself in much easier.  Yummmmm.  If you have access, try an Indian restaurant for lunch.  They often have lots of veggie choices on a buffet for cheap.

I grew up in a "meat for every meal" household.  I had to teach myself to like veggies which happened very slowly.  I still have trouble with overly bitter flavors.  Regardless, broccoli and spinach are easy to love.  Black beans and lentils are also good break-in proteins (enjoy the gas:) and miso.  Miso is super easy to make for a quick light soup.  Boil some water... then pour the water into a bowl, add some miso and voila.  You can add a bit of tofu and/or green onion too.  Really wonderful and fast. 

Don't forget fruits, nuts, and whole grains.  Don't leave out the healthy fats like olive oil and avocados, etc.  Man, that makes me want to go make some guacamole...

I second the recipes, and I second the gradual replacement of meats with substitutes, because my main problem is getting enough protein.

The only thing I would add is that I think most people hate vegetables because not only do they cook them horribly in this country (try, for example, steaming broccoli in white wine rather than water, and adding enough salt) but they are also of mediocre quality.  I feel plenty free to cheat with a dash of sugar (great for asparagus or brussel sprouts) if the veggies aren't working with you.

I also think that if you are patient, you develop a taste for them over time.
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Hello lightneo,

I have recently become a NON-meat eater, but I still eat egg yolk and some salmon and tuna for the protein. I guess it helps to LIKE egg yolk, and to like steamed fish w/lemon sauce or honey mustard (or whatever way others like it)

I love vegetables, but I do not eat BEANS, not much soy, but mostly fruit. I try to have about four pounds of fruit a day, (you may think that is a lot), but when you WEIGH IN a banana, a few slices of pineapple and an apple, some melon and an orange, it weighs fairly heavy. I like to add chopped avocado to this and put lemon juice on many things, because it makes it taste better to me. I mix my fruits many ways, and sometimes add some of them to romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and crumbled feta cheese. I do not have ANY cooked food until late in the day, and avoid refined white sugar, all bread except occasionally a french bread, toasted for a sandwich. Not too often. I can have up to 1500 calories a day and still lose weight, for I will NORMALIZE around 130, as long as I remain NORMALLY ACTIVE, not speaking here of arobics or gym classes. Just housework, walking some everyday, and not just sitting around. I like this eating program, and I too, got the feeling , UGH meat is DEAD. I think we are hurting ourselves eating all that meat, when there is SO much fruit and veggies to eat. Best of luck to you.
I actually started with cow's milk first. I gave it up for a week to see what effect it would have and I was hooked! I didn't have a runny nose anymore and I slept better without all that mucous that clogged up my sinuses. After that,I gave up read meat and just ate chicken and fish until even the thought of those made me queasy.

I'm mostly vegetarian now and I will always choose a vegetarian option over a meat one if I have the choice but I will occassionally (read 3 or 4 times a year) eat meat.

Even just eliminating one animal product from your diet will help you out.

There's a site called Veggieboards that's chock full of information and it has message boards if you want to check that out.
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