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Soy Milk Hot vs. Cold

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So I don't know if this problem is me specific or if it happens to anyone else, that is why I am posting this. To get to the bottom of it! When I have soy milk cold, like in cereal, or in an iced coffee, I get a stomach ache. But when it is hot, such as soy lattes or when I put it into hot coffee I am fine. Also soy yogurt doesnt bother me, just cold soy milk?

Weird, right?

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That IS weird. :O Does this happen all the time or could it be coincidental?

If it does happen all the time, just have some other alternative! :) I drink soy milk myself but almond milk is also delicious!

I love and prefer Almond Milk too but when getting coffee on the run I only have soy as an option. Yup everytime. Super weird.

Perhaps its a temperature thing that is upsetting your stomach as opposed to the actual soy milk. Either way, I doubt you're going to die. :)

Yes it is def. the temp. I'm gonna live! What a relief :)
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