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Is it rude/weird to just order soup and salad for dinner?

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Most times, at restaurants, that's all I can really find that's healthy too eat.


Is it weird or rude to order this, especially if the other person is getting a lot to eat? I hate coming off as a picky eater!

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Rude? How in the world would that be construed as rude?

It may be weird if you went out to dinner with someone and didn't eat anything, but if you get a salad that's your prerogative. It's neither weird not rude.

Soup & salad is my favourite combo. If that's what you want, don't let anyone second guess it!

Thirded.  Get what you want and if somebody construes your dinner choice as "rude," well, that's clearly their issue.

Fourthed!!  As soon as you start thinking the other person will think it rude or weird for you to order that then you are handing over the control of what goes into your mouth to the other person.

If it's weird or rude to order it then why is it on the menu in the first place?

Which is more rude?


A. a vegetarian not finding any vegetarian options and having to order apps


B. A restaurant with NO vegetarian options



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