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poor circulation--not enough protein?

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So I've been a vegetarian for the past 2 years. I lost about 55 lbs since then (currently 123 lbs, 5'6). Anyway, my problem for the past year or so is that I'm cold all the time! My hands, feet, nose, everything! Blue!

I'm pretty sure I'm not anemic but I do have pretty poor circulation. I'm wondering whether its because I don't get enough fat or protein in my diet. Does milk, soy, and nut protein help any? Because I already get plenty of that but I'm always shivering.

Am I stuck wearing sweaters in july or are there food options (other than a steaming bowl of soup)?

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You're at the low end of a healthy weight.  Lack of body fat can make you feel the cold more than someone with more fat.   If you don't eat fat then try adding some to your diet.... olive oils, nuts, avocados... that's a basic for good health.  Poor circulation can also be due to inactivity.  Getting more active can warm you up, not just when you're exercising but also for a long time afterwards.  You may not be anaemic but you could have low iron stores.  Bumping up the amount of iron-rich foods and vitamin C rich foods in your diet could help.  Legumes/pulses such as beans, lentils and chickpease are iron-rich and would also increase your protein intake.  Eating regularly helps raise your metabolic rate (which will keep you warm) whereas skipping meals or skimping on foods will make you cold.

And some foods are more warming than others... Spicy foods can raise body temperature... chillis, for example.  Onions and garlic thin the blood slightly which could get it running around your body a little faster.  Hot drinks and hot foods like porridge oats, soups & casseroles are obviously more warming than salads, cold cereals and sandwiches. 

And finally, if you carry on being very cold and experiencing poor circulation then do go to see your doctor.  It could be symptomatic of a medical condition. 

I've been cold my entire life.  I just resigned myself to carrying a sweater with me when everyone else is wearing tank tops.  Oh, and it helps that I live in Texas so it's warm most of the time.  :)

But, if this is a new thing for you, it is probably due to lower body fat - less insulation.  However if it's causing you problems, get it checked by a doctor.

I've been a vegetarian for about 5 years now, and I'm pretty overweight (190 5'8) and for about a year, since I've really been getting back into the swing of working out and such, my circulation has been really bad. to the point where a can't feel a few of my toes for hours at a time. I know I have plenty of iron as well, seeing as I donate blood regularly. I never considered the fact of not eating enough fat or protein, but now that you mention it, on days where I stray from my diet a bit, my body temperature is pretty regulated. maye that does have some type of effect.

Sorry to hijack the thread kay kay, but gabriella - have you been checked for diabetes? Numbness in the toes and feet is one of the symptoms.

I agree with the above poster - you should ask your doctor about it.  They can test you for anemia, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, etc.  Maybe you just have poor circulation, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

I think I'm going to add to the chorus on this one. Numbness in your toes suggests a peripheral neuropathy, and isn't usually associated with circulation. Diabetic neuropathy is a possibility.

thanks for the concern everyone! maybe i should have mentioned this before..bad circulation runs in my family. I don't think I have diabeties because I had some blood tests not too long ago, and I'm pretty sure my doctor would have told me if my blood sugar was too high. Thanks though! i think I should ask my doctor about  my circulation anyway though. thanks guys!

Hi I have the same problem as I sit here my figure tips are ice cold and it's 70 degree in this room!! I can't offer any advice on what the cause is but I know where you are coming from with it. Oh and I'm not vegetarian. I did go to the Dr about it some years ago and they checked my circulation by simply testing the pulse in my ankle and wrist and they said there was nothing wrong with it? So I am still walking around with sweaters, and padded jackets on for most of the year.

im not that bad where i need jackets and sweaters all the time, like now that the weather is starting to get warmer, ive noticed it hasnt been happening that often. but lets say i cross my legs for an extended amount of time..lets say..10-15 leg is already "asleep."

I read earlier today that magnesium can help with circulation- foods that have a high magnesium content include black beans, broccoli, tofu, dark leafy greens, pumpkin seeds. Also, processed grains (white bread) typically have a very low magnesium content.

Sorry gabriella but my post was for kaykay who does have to wear sweaters in July. My fault I hadn't read all the replies to realise that it had changed from being cold all the time to numbness in toes. I get numbness in two fingers  but I know that it's a spinal thing (had it checked out) hope you get to the bottom of your numbness.


hello kakay. Is the first time I see this website. hope this reply will be helpful even  thou is 5 years later. However, you should search for a generic disease called Raynaud. it would probably help you understand your symptoms and improve your health. hope you well.

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