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is peanut butter vegan?

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Many people on  here seem to list peanut butter as a vegan food.  I am not trying to attact everybody, but I am curious as to why.  I stopped eating peanut butter before I even became vegetarian, because I read about how many grubs are ground up into it.  As a young, picky eater, the idea of worms in my food seemed gross.  I realize that grubs and pigs have different levels of intelligence, but if honey is typically deemed not vegan, then why is peanut butter?


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D'you have a source for this? I've never heard this before-- I love peanut butter D:

Although this would give me cause to give it up for good... Hmm... 

Grubs are not in peanut butter, or any nut butter for that matter. If it bugs you so much (no pun intended), then go to Whole Foods and grind your own; you can see the peanuts right there in the machine.
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Also, if you're not eating peanut butter for that reason, you probably don't want to eat ANY prepackaged/preprepared food. Unless you're claiming the grubs were put in on purpose? o.O;

Some vegetarians/vegans don't eat honey because they are against the practice of bee farming, not because it contains bees or grubs.. at least that's what I've heard. Peanut butter is just nuts. 

Original Post by feanor:

Also, if you're not eating peanut butter for that reason, you probably don't want to eat ANY prepackaged/preprepared food. Unless you're claiming the grubs were put in on purpose? o.O;


 I grind my own. It's really yummy.

My peanut butter contains two ingredients: peanuts and salt. (I buy it at Whole Foods.)  Seems pretty vegan-friendly to me.

=^..^= MOLLY

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Ewww... oh my gosh are you serious? I'm not vegan, just a vegetarian but that is SICK. Does this go for natural Peanut Butter too? I always thought of natural Peanut Butter as being vegan myself.

Grossssssssssssssssss, even the thought of that just turned my stomach, I guess I am not eating my PB sandwhich for lunch today.

Do you have a link you can share with us, that supports what you are saying?


Take care.


Do you need to use a special grinder, to make your own Penut butter?  Any suggestions?

I make my own nut butters. We're big fans of almond butter. Just put almonds in your food processor to chop until fine and add a little peanut oil to get it to blend together, a bit of sugar to sweeten it if you like. It's awesome and I will never buy store bought PB again. It doesn't ever turn out as smooth as store bought, but I like a bit of texture to my PB. It's more a fine grain mixtures than "chunky" PBs.
Maybe someone is confused about their nutsWink I think that it is pistachios that has the abundance of grubs (sorry to the pistachio lovers). 
Original Post by zappalizzie:

Maybe someone is confused about their nutsWink I think that it is pistachios that has the abundance of grubs (sorry to the pistachio lovers).


I LOVE pistachios!!  Cry

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Below is a link which says how many bugs etc. are in various foods on average.  I found it interesting, albeit rather gross.  And, a bit enlightening.


mmmmmmmmm peanut butter

Honestly, yes that may be true. But. Peanuts are grown outside... What do you expect we live in a natural world, the peanuts are naturally grown. Im not saying that I enjoy thinking of bugs on my food. But still what do you expect when somethings grown outside?

But did you read the introduction to this paper?  This is a list of standards at which the food would be considered unfit for human consumption by the FDA.  It's not an average of what is in food, just a guideline of how many contaminants would need to be in a batch of food for the FDA to take action against its producers.


"The FDA set these action levels because it is economically impractical to grow, harvest, or process raw products that are totally free of non-hazardous, naturally occurring, unavoidable defects."

Understandable, because as caliiixxo said, we live in a world in which rodents and insects exist.

"Products harmful to consumers are subject to regulatory action whether or not they exceed the action levels.

"It is incorrect to assume that because the FDA has an established defect action level for a food commodity, the food manufacturer need only stay just below that level. The defect levels do no represent an average of the defects that occur in any of the products--the averages are actually much lower. The levels represent limits at which FDA will regard the food product "adulterated"; and subject to enforcement action under Section 402(a)(3) of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act."


Pass the peanut butter!


All natural foods can contain a certain amount of bug parts or other similiar contaniments. The FDA sets standards of how high it can go, before its not fit for humans.

It is impossible to eliminate it all from natural products, the nature of the harvesting virtually guarantees a certain amount, and it would be very difficult if not impossible (not to mention spendy) to elminate it all. This applies to flours, cereals, pasta, peanut butter, other nut butters, jelly, wine, juice, etc..

My family were farmers (grain) and you could see the bug parts in the trucks of durum and wheat.  If there were too many you would be docked at the elevator, but I have never seen a load or a bin that was totally free.

The only way to guarantee 100% contaminate free would be to grown and proccess your own (organic food also contains some of the bug parts etc also).

I know enough about some foods to make you want to stop eating all together.  :), but I'll keep my mouth shut

I live off of peanut butter,

my pb has 2 ingredients:

peanuts and oil,

1 C peanuts, 1 tbl oil, or mix up the ratio to get the consistency you want

Pretty much everything has bugs in it... rat droppings and hair, too!  I can't believe most of you don't know that!!  Think about it - agricultural products have bugs in them.  The peanuts or whatever is harvested and processed and ground up to make peanut butter. What do you think happens to the bugs that were in the peanuts....??   Do you really thing someone is going through each one by hand to make sure there are no bugs?  LOL that's too funny.

I buy peanuts in bulk and grind my own PB in my food processor.

peanut butter is vegan. i do not believe that bugs are in it. however if it was to contain bugs, veganism is about your ethical stand point on the consumption of animal products. it is very difficult to avoid hurting every single animal when producing food. you need to just dertime whether or not your conscience allows you to eat it. but remember that some peanut butter does contain palm oil wich is the main cause for the near extinction of the orangatans and countless other problems so remember this if your decission is an ethical one. if its just the bugs that are the concern either avoid buying peanut butter or make it yourself.x

I know I already posted, but to those of you who also make pb-

how can you make it without oil?

I just get a peanut powder if I do that :\

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