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Odd Topic - Binging and Vegetarianism

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I was just reading over in the health, etc area, and I was wondering if there are any other vegetarian bingers. I struggle a bit with this - not terrible, but three times a year, roughly, and I find that when I binge I eat foods that I used to eat before "food conciousness." I actually take evolutionary leaps backward in my food choices, and I hide these things from the people around me. It's completely odd, I know. Does anyone else do it?
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I'm a vegetarian, but I don't think I really understand your question....?
Yes, reading over it now, I see I am being incredibly unclear. Okay. Most, even all vegetarians and vegans, are incredibly health-concious. We all read labels, we discuss the nature of the meat industry, protest unfair treatment, etc. A study was done recently (and I wish I knew where) which proved that vegetarians, on a whole, are smarter than the average collection of the populace, chosen at random. All vegetarians I know are VERY aware of the outside world, are compassionate to animals and most other humans, and see the long-term effects of constant meat eating on their own bodies and the world.

I think that I fit in this category 93% of the time. I love animals, don't want to eat them, protest bad animal shelters (I'm in Denver - there was just a very exciting bust here), would personally let Michael Vick into a room filled with feral kitties (okay, that's a little eye for eye, hehe), etc. - except for my binge times. I fit these times in the year - episodes - that last about three days - where I only eat fast food. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It's disgusting and it's deep-seated and neurotic (as if you couldn't tell from this long-winded post already). I feel awful, punish myself terribly, and then pretend it never happened. I've been a vegetarian (save these tempestuous drive-through horror scenes) for four years.

So, my question is: do any other vegetarians have similar binges, or binges in any other way (smoking, etc) that do against the grain of everything else they represent?

(Shameful question-asker now waiting in the corner for the barrage of finger-pointing)
well I understand.  I have had this serious craving for Mc Donalds.  I'm studying abroad in France and I've really been just craving a hamburger and I haven't found a veggie burger yet.  So its just been really bad.  I don't know why but when I get stressed out I always want fast food.  I did go to a place called quick and get a cheese burger (4 cheese no meat) but I still wanted meat.  And then I did cheat. I ordered fries at this greek place and got them, and in my fries was a piece of whatever the meat is that they serve on their sandwiches and I ate it.  I was seriously craving the hamburger and then there was this piece of meat and it grosses me out to think about it but I ate it because I was really craving it or so I thought.  But I really hated it.  hated the taste of it.  It was one tiny pinch, so I just kind of pretend like that didn't happen.  I'd never tell anyone I know.  So I really do understand where you are coming from.  
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Hm, no, I don't really think I have any episodes like that - I might do nuts on sweets for a few days, but that is about it (I'm fighting off one now, ha).

Maybe it happens because your body is low on something(like possibly...protein lol), and maybe it's just instinct kicking in. Huh, that is really intriguing.

Wildflowers01! Yes! Exactly. You don't want to, and you do it. Okay, I feel better. Kayyy, I didn't think about being low on protein - that definitely could be it. Thank you.
I agree. When a person binges, unless it's for emotional reasons, it's your body's way of getting the nutrients or calories that it's been deprived of.

Iron could be another thing you're low on. A good food to buy to quell both an iron deficiency and a protein deficiency is lentils. They're cheap, too! :)

I'm vegan and living about half the time in India at the moment, which is easy (although not low calorie) if you're vegetarian but almost impossible if you're vegan. So, my food choices when I'm here are really limited, and I can basically never eat in restaurants. I eat a lot of fruits and cereal with almond or soy milk, even for dinner. Normally for me it is already guilt-inducing to eat something veg but non-vegan, but today I found myself looking at a blog about Southern California (where I grew up) that had tons of photos of Mexican food, and I wanted a big plate of carnitas (pork!) sooooo much that I think if it had magically appeared in front of me I would have scarfed it down immediately. I ended up making pasta with peanut sauce instead...but yeah, I think it definitely had to do with the fact that I am not getting a varied enough diet lately. Good thing I can't magically transport myself to San Diego.

Now that I think about it, I also was reading an article in the NY Times that described a croque monsieur sandwich with Gruyere and smoked salmon, and I would gladly have eaten that too.

 I bounce out of veg and into veg, when i go veg for a long time,  over a year... sometimes it is in my dreams i am like a cave woman or something eating raw meat, totally disgusting, and to end these cravings i would eats something mock meat ish but if they were happening alsot maybe i would consider eating organic meats untill it went away,  its ok you can have the meatbut just stay away from the fast food it might make you feel better.  good luck
Hm. I don't know if it's fair to generalize vegetarians/vegans as 'health conscious'- My uncle's brother was a vegetarian and all he ate was twinkies and Ho hoes. Strange right?
Twinkies and ho-hos! Haha! I have a close friend who I refer to as my chip-arian. He's a big beer and french-fries sort of guy.
Kind of off-topic, but...

skinnyogi, I believe twinkies contain animal fats. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like he wasn't vegetarian after all, lolllll. :)
It only really happens when I have too low protein for a couple weeks or something, (doesn't happen often) and I eat like half a jar of peanut butter mixed with icing sugar. It is sooo high-cal fatty badness... but there are worse things I could eat.

Sometimes I really want fries, but then I eat one and can't stand the taste so I just throw the rest out. And occasionally there's a timbit binge... luckily tim hortons is veg friendly with their donuts.

I've been a veg for over five years, and the only times i stray is when I'm in a foreign country (i needed to try just one bite of an authentic Irish shepherds pie, even if i ended up not really liking it), or when i'm drunk... :)

I can count the number of times i've cheated on vegetarianism one my fingers, easily. but it seems if there's pepperoni around and i have a few too many drinks in me, i just have to have a slice. never very much, but just enough to taste it. I can't stand the texture of meat anymore, so that's probably why i only slip up when i'm in no state to really determine the texture.

Anyway, yes, i feel this binging. I don't do meat...but after eating nothing but organic foods and fresh veggies and fruit and brown rice and etc...i go out and drink cheap alcohol, and completely undo all the good i did for my body that day.

The only meat I've ever craved sober was a corn dog...mmm, nothing like third rate compressed animal bits wrapped in GM third rate corn meal...

I'm a vegetarian and I've got the emotional binging problem, but I've had that years longer than I've been vegetarian. I know exactly what is in all the food I eat, and it's even more awful because of it. I can consume loaves of bread and jars of peanut butter in one sitting...

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I've been a vegetarian for about 4 years, and I've never craved meat. However I've 'binged' on diary products occasionally.. I'm partially vegan, which means..getting there.. I don't crave for diary really, and I haven't had any but fruit cravings lately cause I've been good with my proteins..

So basically..get your needed amount of proteins and they should be gone. :)

I craved meat when I wasn't getting enough protein. I was only getting 20-30 grams when I should have been getting 70 or so. Once I got that worked out, my cravings lessened. I still have emotional cravings, but I can deal with those easier than I could deal with the physical cravings and emotional cravings combined.

I have to say that I don't agree with your stereotype of vegetarians. I have been a vegetarian since I was 8. I remember hating the texture, and taste of meat as early as 5 but my parents would force me to eat my dinner at that age. Eventually it would gross me out to the fact that I would throw up after dinner, and my parents thought I did it on purpose, so I began to just refuse to eat it, so I would be sent to my room without dinner. It took a while but eventually my parents realized that I really didn't like meat and would rather starve then eat it, so they finally let me eat meals that didn't contain meat. And I have been that way ever since. So I became a "vegetarian" before I was old enough to really be conscious of the fact that meat was animal, and before I cared what was and what was not going into my body. In my day I have met hundreds of vegetarians, and I have to say that less then 50% of the them (at least the ones I met) are vegetarians because they are animal rights activists, or are into any other 'new age attitude'. More of them are only vegetarians because they find eating meat unhealthy, but the majority are like me, and simply don't like it! I mean, it is a rotting corpse after all, it's pretty disgusting. Most people are just conditioned from birth to find it palatable. Some of of just aren't so easily conditioned to find something completely objectionable, pleasing. At least that's my take on it. I think its sad animals die for humans. But it doesn't keep me up at night. I am health conscious, and count calories but I don't read every ingredient on every label. You wont catch me discussing the meat industry or protesting. Anyways...I just thought this all kind off stereotyped a vegetarian. Vegetarians are all still people, with different morals, values, beliefs, and reasons  for not eating meat. I don't think its fair to stereotype anyone. This is exactly why when people find out I'm a vegetarian, they think they have me pegged, know my reasons for being a vegetarian, and what I'm all about. It gets annoying.
I think the one thing I really binge on is donuts. I can eat 6-7 in a sitting, and come back for more in a few hours. It's horrendous! However, I've never binged on non-vegetarian foods before. Donuts are my vice. Damn Krispy-Kreme!
haha I didn't know that about twinkies! It was when I was ten or so, so I don't really remember if HE knew that they contained animal fat!
The first few years or so of being veg this would happen occasionally and cause me to stray, until I figured out that it usually was the craving protein thing that someone mentioned before, and so I would fry up and eat an entire block of tofu instead.
Then in my mid 20s I was a total barfly lush, and with hangovers would come this need for McDonald's, Filet-O-Fish especially, and fries. I think there was a couple things going on with this:I have been naughty (drinking and partying which led to messing up in other ways) so I might as well go full on and break the 'no meat' rule too, just wallow in how disgusting I amOperating on auto-pilot - just refusing to think about the implications of eating meat and not caring what I was doing or eating so muchKind of a juvenile side of my mind rebelling against itself - you can't tell me what to eat or not eat!Weakness of will and impaired decision making which goes along with alcohol consumption
TMI probably, sorry
Last couple years I have been taking better care of myself and don't experience McDonald's cravings any more. Yay!

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