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Oatmeal protein

Feb 28 2009 02:51
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the internet sais it is equal to soy protein, which is complete protein right?


does this mean i do not need to combine it with seeds/nuts/legumes to make it a complete protein

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Hi, I haven't seen the reference you mention - as far as I know, oatmeal does not have all the amino acids. Besides soybeans, hemp seed, buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth are some other sources with the "whole package."

It's really a non issue though - as long as you're eating adequate calories, vegetarians don't have to worry about protein intake. You DO NOT have to combine various foods in a meal to make a "complete" protein. Just eat a variety of food sources throughout the day. Your body does the work of extracting what it needs.

Besides seeds/nuts/legumes, most fruits, vegetables and grains contain protein. Broccoli is fairly high, as are its cousins brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower etc., and dark leafy greens like kale as well.

Most Americans take in way too much protein, and while it is an essential macronutrient, it's not more important than the rest of nutrient gang. ;-)


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