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Newly Vegetarian!

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I am finally committing to vegetarianism after watching From Farm to Fridge. It's been a long time coming and that was the final push that I needed. I know there are foods that may seem vegetarian but really are not (like foods with gelatin). Can you guys list some that I may not think of so that I make sure I don't eat them? And any other tips in general about vegetarianism would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Smile

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I'm pretty gelatin is in marshmallows but u shudnt b eating those if r watching your foods....

Dandies marshmallows are vegan/vegetarian. Watch out for fruit snacks. Annie's Homegrown bunny fruit snacks use fruit pectin. Also, watch out for rennet. It lurks in cheeses. Sometimes a company will label "vegetable rennet," which is all right. Watch out for Planter's peanuts, too. Some of them have gelatin coated on them. It's ridiculous, which is why I eat raw nuts.

Good luck on your journey with vegetarianism! I wish you all of the best.

Oh my, didn't know about the planter's nuts!!!  And I just bought some.....argh.

Does anyone know a site/reference that lists food you THINK are vegan, but actually arent?

Hey guys! Thank you so much for your tips. Gelatin is a sneaky one haha. Marshmallows may be a hard one for me in the summer when smores season hits. Oh well, I'll manage. It's been going really well so far. My boyfriend is a vegetarian too so it's really fun to make meals together.

i've been a vegetarian for almost ten years (plus twenty years of not eating red meat before that).  confession: sometimes i don't always check about things like gelatin, especially when it comes to gummy bears (gelatin), nutella (rennet), and good cheeses (again, rennet).

Enjoy cooking meals with your boyfriend!  

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Lays chips. Including sun chips they're cooked in oil and pig extract... Whatever that is. I was really upset when I could that out. I loved sun chips...

I've been a vegetarian for 12ish years and it gets easier.  I don't even think about eating meat anymore.. ever.  These are some things I've learned to avoid. 

Careful at restaurants with salad dressings! A lot of ranch dressings contain Bacon. And remember that ceasar dressing and worstichire sauce contain anchovies.

French fries are often cooked with meats- if that bothers you. 

Most soups are made with chicken or beef stalk. 

Tortillas (a lot of them, especially at restaurants) are often cooked in lard/animal fat.

Some beers and wines are not vegetarian (including Guiness)  they are often  treated with isinglass—that’s fish bladders.




Watch the asian food.  Chinese sauces are usually made with a meat stock, and several thai dishes contain fish or oyster sauce.  Coconut curries are usually safe, though!

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I am newly vegetarian. For the last 3 weeks I have not eaten meat. Fruit, veggies, beans, will venture into tofu this weekend. It's true the cravings have died down for meat. The body does go thru withdrawal. Wow! Any pointers for me?

Dunno about tips. I'm a vegetarian and I just eat what I like and what I know is nutritious. Whole grains and beans really are your best friend. And greens as well. I recommend the documentary earthlings to anyone on the cusp of  transitioning to vegetarianism of veganism. Forks Over Knives also has some great health and plant-based diet information.

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I've been a veggie for nearly 8 years (since I was 10) Personally I find it torture but hey ho! Avoid marshmallows, chewy sweets (skittles are fine) squares bars! Some sauces and cakes pastries. It's best to always ask in the shop/ bakery/ restaurant, I get some funny looks, but it's best to check!
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