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Lentils, lentils, lentils...

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Our vegan family is experimenting with lentils, and I was looking for ideas on easy recipes that use the ingredient (read:  I'm a full time working mother of a 1 1/2 year old, my husband works full time, and we need meals that sustain our active lifestyle and are also easy to create!).  I didn't grow up eating lentils, so this is a totally new type of food for me (as well as for hubby).  :) 

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These recipes are delicious but aren't too difficult (my son has long since grown up and moved out), but I'm still not one to slave over the stove.

Curried Red Lentils

Lemon Lentil Soup with Spinach

Lentils with Red Bell Pepper - note on this last one, since you're vegan, ignore the part that asks for feta.  I've made this recipe without that many times and it's still extra yummy.


I have made this recipe using lentils instead of meat and loved it. You could nix the cheese to veganize.

You've gotta try this cold lentil salad.  It's amazing!

Thanks for the replies!!! I will definitely be trying them all.  :)

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There are lentil patties you can make. They are a pain, but I make them on the weekend and freeze some. I can't find the recipe, but try Internet searching for it.

I was looking for something fast and easy today and I made this lentil loaf.

This is what I did different from the recipe:

  • The lentils only took about 25 minutes to cook, not 40 like the recipe said. They didn't need stirring while cooking.
  • I had some leftover raw carrot chopped into small cubes from a few days ago, so I put it in to cook with the lentils instead of adding grated carrot like the recipe says.
  • I tossed the walnuts into the blender with the oatmeal after I had already ground the oatmeal into powder, and just blended briefly until there were no large pieces of walnut left.
  • I omitted the raisins and the breadcrumbs.
  • I didn’t use a food processor, just stirred everything together in a large bowl.
  • I made the glaze without apple butter since I didn’t have any.

It was very good.

if i was to make lentil patties, i would do it with leftover lentils, that way you get two different meal types. you could freeze them. there are different types of lentils. the black (sometimes called french/ italian style) are nice just boiled with stock and served with finely chopped tomato, onion, cucumber, maybe a little lettuce, parsley or cilantro, with or without rice, and a dash of olive oil. you can sub lentils for meat in pasta. you could probably buy a sauce and sub them for most meats that way. what i made on the weekend was a slow cook meal. i threw some chopped onion and carrot into the slow cooker on high (i had previously processed a batch of each while cooking other things, you could do his and maybe freeze them if necessary?) and let that fry a little. then i added some brown lentils, 1 cup, and water maybe a litre? and let that cook while iwas getting ready, for an hour? and then added some spicy v8 vegetable juice, mainly tomato, a tin of tomatoes, and maybe some more water. i turned it to low, went out for the day. i called my daughter about 5 pm, and asked her to add the cup of rice i had on the bench. when i arrived at 6pm, i added a small tin of tomato paste and some stock and pepper. probably serve 6-8? (i've eaten from it 4 times, husband twice as you don't need anything else).

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I love lentil chili! Super easy in a crockpot too so you don't even have to watch it. Lentils Pinto beans Chili seasoning Tomato And your choice of other seasonings! Love it lol

Lentil Tacos! Just cook up lentils with a little bit of oil and taco seasonings and use in place of meat. 
Super yummy! 

Everything sounds so yummy! :). I will try all the you find that certain lentils work better with certain dishes than others?

yes! if you want dahl (indian curry), you can't go past the red lentils, they turn to mush, and dahl is soupy and saucy. if you want the mediterranean dishes, and the chillis, you need the brown or green ones. the black ones, really small, are yummiest in a salad or plainer dishes. they seem to have more flavour than the others. i also like to mix the brown and red 2 to 1, for some dishes (seems to be yummier), ie chilli, or plain with stock.

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