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Kosher Gelatin in Yogurt?

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Today I was at the grocery store picking up some yogurt and I was looking at the Yoplait Light ones, they have gelatin in it but it's "kosher gelatin." Now I understand that gelatin does not necessarily mean vegetarian/ vegan it just means that dairy and meat were not mixed together right? But gelatin is just crushed up animal bones + cartilage so how can it be in yogurt which is dairy? This may be a stupid question but I was just wondering.

If all else fails I can get soy yogurt. Or Dannon All Natural yogurt which is vegetarian because it has no gelatin in it at all.

But I'm just curious.

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That is an excellent question - how is it kosher? Here's a good link I found:
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Thanks for the article! If the gelatin comes from slaughtered pork and is mixed with dairy, then that doesn't sound completely kosher to me.

But it's cool I like Silk yogurts and Dannon's all natural yogurts. They're more creamy and I feel better eating them since I actually KNOW what's in them.

One we have here w/out the gelatin is Mountain High - I've never figured out if they're national or not. They use fructose AND have fat-free yogurt. Yum.
Regardless of whether the gelatin or the yogurt is kosher, if the yogurt has gelatin, it can't be vegeterian.
yes it can be kosher if the gelatin is made out of seaweed which is what kosher gelatin is made out of.  Completely vegetarian, if you are a lacto-vegetarian.
Interesting.  Since inquiring minds always want to know, I went out to a well-known search engine, and found that kosher gelatin can be made out of fish bones, beef, Japanese isinglass, agar agar, carrageenan or Irish moss.  That's according to the Vegetarian Resource Group web site.  So, maybe it is vegetarian, but maybe it's not.

This doesn't have to do with the yogurt, but does anyone know if there's kosher jello cups? Or the mix?  I've never seen it at grocery stores, and I don't eat pork (for religious reasons).  It looks so yummy! 



oh, fun fact.  Altoids have gelatin in them.  Who knew? hah (okay, I'm sure a lot of people know....I just felt kind of silly when I bought a pack and then found out they have gelatin in them)

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