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Hi Everyone,

I just joined and I'm a vegetarian too. Im using this site to monitor my protien and fat intake. I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

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Hi lauryn! you will love this site and especially with this great new catagory :)
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hi, lauryn, always nice to see new faces!!
I am a newbie too....  I find the food listing/grading/evaluation piece particularly helpful....
Nice to meet you lauren and kirsten!  Tell us all about yourself!  Do you like to cook?
yes, I cook quite a bit.  My husband is a chef at a golf course, so there is this balancing act between what he wants to do (add butter... ) and what I am trying to do add more fiber/veggies etc. 

But the good news... he has been super supportive; like yesterday the veggies didn't get any butter... they got a balsamic reduction drizled over them with some fresh garlic. tasty and no extra fat.  (his idea)

so while a contest intially sparked my efforts to gain a smaller waist line, the family seems to all be benefiting.  And, I have lost 8lbs so far...
Hello All,

I do like to cook, but I'm running a little low on time these days so I've become very aquainted with Amy's and Linda Macarhty frozen dinners, (all organic and veggie friendly) I eat fruit pretty much all day long :) Does anyone have any suggestions for quick easy meals?
nice to meet you guys! and welcome!
Oh here's one Ive been making. Rice noodles (they cook really quickly) and extra firm tofu (you can cook the whole package and use hte rest in different dishes for your lunch/next night's dinner)

I made my own almond/brown sugar/pepper sauce the other night for this but if you are limited with time putting over some curry would be really really good!
I keep a variety of cooked beans in the freezer, ready to whip up a vegetable stew in no time flat.  I also wash and cut up my veggies when I bring them home.  It's an easy matter to throw some chopped carrots, celery and onions in a pan with some water, let them cook a bit before adding a can of diced tomatoes and some chick peas, season with an Indian curry spice powder (masala) and garnish with a wedge of lime.  15 minutes flat if you have everything ready and know where it all is.
Welcome! Iam not a vegitarian, but I love vegtables.  Unfortunately I like meat just as much...

quick meal...try a tomato sandwich.  One of my favorites. 

Bread, tomato, lettuce, mustard (salt & pepper) - that's it
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