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Greek Yogurt - Is the extra sugar worth it for the protein?

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Hi all,

I am a vegetarian so I need all the extra protein I can get. I recently lost a few lbs by really watching my sugar. So im one of the ppl that will check sugar content even more than the fat content, will go with sugar free quicker than fat free.

So that being said, I like yogurt as a snack. Very hard to get a low sugar yogurt, I usually get dannon lite and fit 0 fat but from 7 to 11 sugars.

I am trying to get into plain greek yogurt at only 6g of sugar, but it turns my stomach! Its like sour milk to me.. I tried it in a shake and all.. Then this morning I used half a strawberry greek yogurt mixed in with my GNC Lean protein shake. Tasted a bit better. And i still am not hungry - 4hrs later..

Anyway, my main question is, to get this extra protein, is it better stick with the plain yogurt and add some fruit to the shake? -  is the sugar in the greek yogurt just the same as the extra sugar in the fruit? Or is the extra sugar in the flavoured greek yogurt the bad added sugar?

any other suggestions to make greek yogurt more edible wud be appreciated also.

thank you!

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The extra sugar in the flavored Greek yogurt is added sugar (most likely--you'd have to read the ingredient list to know for sure).

Add some peanut butter and maple syrup (the real stuff, you don't need much) or honey (if you eat it). I love dipping my apples in it. If you keep eating the plain Greek yogurt, you'll probably get used to the taste eventually. I did.

Yogurt naturally has sugar in it because of the lactose in the milk used to make it. There's no way to get a sugar-free yogurt (maybe soy yogurt but I think there's still naturally occuring sugar). There is yogurt that has no added sugar but, like you said, it will still have about 10-15g of sugar in a container.

So u think using plain yogurt in the blender and adding some fresh strawberries wud be a better choice then using the strawberry Greek? Thank you

Original Post by maryanne1207:

So u think using plain yogurt in the blender and adding some fresh strawberries wud be a better choice then using the strawberry Greek? Thank you

 If your goal is to eat less added sugar then, yes, using plain Greek yogurt is better.

I eat greek yogurt sweetened with stevia, an all natural plant sweetener. It only has about 10 g of sugar and that comes from the milk itself. I'd say for 120 calories and 16 g of protein that is a bargain!

I love love love plain Greek yogurt - both the 0% fat and the 2% fat from Fage. I'm not sure which brands you've tried but IMO Fage rocks.

Don;t think of it as sour milk - think of it as sour cream and imagine how great it would be to eat a potato smothered in sour cream without any guilt at all - since it's so good for you and you are getting so much protein - and there you go, Greek yogurt!Wink I don;t think it is really meant to be a "sweet" yogurt which is why I don;t add any fruit to it -and I eat it for lunch, not breakfast - though I have eaten for breakfast occasionally with some granola mixed it and that also works.

Now that I am a GY addict any yogurt with added sweeteners or artificial ingredients tastes oversweet and fake to me. My husband at first had the same reaction as you to GY but now he also likes it.


What brand are you eating? You can get Fage 2% with strawberry and only mix in half the fruit so you have more control of the sugar content. I've always found that the brands with the flavoring already mixed in taste too sweet, so I either go with Fage or get the plain stuff and add some honey/fruit myself. You can also concentrate on non-sugary mix-ins like oats or other cereal, or chopped walnuts, any of which would help balance the tartness a little.

Of course, if you don't LIKE Greek yogurt, don't eat it! Plenty of other ways to get shouldn't be punishment.

I changed from regular fat free yogurt to Greek yogurt about 1 year ago. It was a little difficult at first b/c greek yogurt is soooo tart. Try adding some cinnamon or a dash of vanilla extract to the yogurt. I add cinnamon (a lot!!), frozen blueberries and then a little granola just to make it more filling. The cinnamon and blueberries add sweetness without the extra sugar. I also use this yogurt recipe when figs are in season ( /figs-are-delicious/). This blogger also has a lot of good vegetarian recipes(Ive made a lot of them). Just be careful; this woman is a long distance runner (like myself). This requires a high caloric intake. So don't try to eat everything she does and think you will be just as thin.

Enjoy your yogurt!!

I would recommend sweetening it yourself. Buy some fruit, agave nectar, honey, sucanat sugar or stevia to add. That way you aren't eating refined sugar and you can sweeten up your yogurt.

I do unsweetened soy yogurt with honey and fruit. It's so good and you don't have to use a ton of honey either. Stevia has no calories (it's a natural no calorie sweetener) and adds some sweetness but tastes a bit different and some people don't like it. 

double post. :(

Guys, it's not about sweetening it yourself or whatever, yogurt just naturally has ALOT of sugar in it (even plain yogurt that's not sweet!)

for example... one cup of plain yogurt has 11g ish of sugar. It's just naturally occuring when you make yogurt. I think greek yogurt might have a bit less, around 6-10 ish. However, I usually don't eat too much sugar outside of yogurt so i figured it couldn't hurt me too badly. I love yogurt too much to give it up in the mornings... hahaha.

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