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Gas, bloating, discomfort... is fruit giving me this pain?

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Hi all. I've been vegetarian since the end of last year and I love it. But recently I've been having major, MAJOR digestion issues and I cannot pinpoint what is triggering it.

After my lunch every day, I get serious case of the bloats. Gas comes too (it doesn't smell at all but it's still annoying and embarassing), and all-round discomfort. For lunch I have a fruit salad and yogurt. i was worried that maybe I had lactose intolerance, so i swapped out the yoghurt for custard made with soy milk and splenda. While it is delicious, it hasn't stopped the after-lunch pain.

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing it? Too much fruit? I eat very, very balanced meals, only soymilk, pretty much not eggs - almost vegan actually. But this bloating/gas issue is really stressing me out. Could it be irritable bowel syndrome? Food intolerance of some sort? Help me please, I am at a loss!

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Have you tried switching your lunch to a regular salad or something (lettuce, etc.) no fruit - just for a day to see how that works?

1) As you are nearly vegan, you may have lost the ability to properly digest dairy (it can happen, and you can either go full vegan, or slowly introduce more dairy into your diet so you get used to it again) But even with soy yogurt... maybe your body doesn't like cultures of any kind?

2) How big a percentage are you eating raw? Some folks flourish on a raw diet; others experience massive digestive issues. Raw fruit, raw veg... you might try switching to something cooked for lunch, like rice and some type of soy protein with cooked veggies. My mom, a 25-year vegetarian, suddenly developed massive tummy problems with raw veggies and raw garlic about 4 years ago. No clue why; she just stopped eating raw things that bothered her, like broccoli.

3) Dude, it could be anything. Go see a GI doc; they'll be able to go over your eats and help you out :)

Well, you get gas if you eat a lot of high-fiber foods - drinking water might help.  Otherwise, maybe your doctor can test you for lactose intolerance.

adolphs, I'm going to try your switch-out idea tomorrow. Here's hoping I notice something different.


mel, I never even realised that I'm practically vegan...I eat trace elements of eggs and dairy through some products that I eat but I suppose I could be developing an intolerance. And I'll also give the cooked food a try. Also considering cooking a pear or something to see how it goes...could help.

I drink so much water sashabee but you're probably right about the doctor thing. if it lasts another week I'm definitely getting it checked out properly.

Thanks for the advice everyone,fingers crossed things improve from here.

Fruit not only contains fibre but also sugars and acids.... If you eat a lot of fruit it can very easily give you stomach-ache. There are other foods that are notorious for generating gas... especially the brassica family (cabbage, broccoli, sprouts) and pulses such as beans, lentils & chickpeas.

Make sure you eat your meals slowly, sat at a table and that you sip a warm drink at the same time. All of this will help digestion. Post a meal, take a walk if you can as the motion of walking massages the stomach and the outdoors are a good place to lose any spare methane!
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