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you gain weight when you become vegetarian?

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almost everybody i've talked to (even my doctors) say vegetarians are generally more overweight then people who eat meat..

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I don't know why your doctor told you that but from what I've heard it's completely the opposite. I'm not overweight, actually.. I've gotten too skinny ever since I started veganism. I was much more thick when I was a meat-eater. Not saying that all vegetarians/vegans are thin. Ofcourse there are some that might be overweight or thick boned (like Forest Whitaker) but it's not as common. I think it would apply to some vegetarians that incorporate insane amounts of cheese, potatoe, nuts, and pasta to their diet.

LOL, that's a first though.
Yeah, alot of vegetarians only eat carbs throughout the day. Then, at dinner, they're starved from lack of protein and end up downing the entire pot of rice.

Remember, donuts, candy, chocolate, ice cream, and some pizza is still vegetarian. Meat isn't the only reason people get fat. Overeating of any food will stack on the pounds. ;)
I agree with muttlover. It's bad eating habits that make you fat, not the specific foods you eat.

When I tried vegetarianism in college, I got fat. My food choices were poor (cereal, bread, and cheese were my staples) and my health wasn't very good, either.

Now I'm 20 years older and eat intelligently. I understand how to balance my meals, what nutrition I need and where it comes from. I understand the value of drinking water! I'm a healthy weight and shedding the last ten pounds that I want to lose.

So maybe only the ignorant vegetarians are overweight. But the good thing is that ignorance can be cured!
It sounds like your doctor did not do his research.  One of the major studies of vegetarian diets is the Seventh Day Adventist study.  It showed that meat eaters are more likely to suffer from obesity, not to mention a variety of other diseases, and that eating nuts, whole grains and legumes protects against other health problems.  Maybe print it out and show it to your doctor.  There seems to be little doubt that a healthy, balanced vegetarian diet is far less likely to result in obesity and heart disease than an omnivorous diet.
Well, I experienced weight gain. I gained 5Ibs, but it's slowly coming off...

I already lost about 2.5 Ibs of it, if not more.(I only just now started getting back into dieting)
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Vegetarians who are already vegetable lovers and eat loads of those for meals will usually lose weight when becoming vegetarian. Its the ones who didnt make a wise choice and eat almost all carbs because they dont like veggies who gain weight! (Yes, Ive met veggies who hate veggies...)

The vegetarian lifestyle is *usually* low-no fat and if you eat carbs in the proper amounts and are careful not to overload on other animal products (cheese is ridiculously high fat and eggs add up in time, nuts are high in good fats but should be minimal) losing weight may very well be a result of vegetarianism. Main thing is not going for quick fixes and actually cooking for yourself. Low Carb vegetarian isnt a bad idea either.

Another issue is that most vegetarian dishes you can get out are worse than yourstandard meat dish because sauces and cheeses are used in high amounts to make up for hte lack of meat. I've read of 1300 calorie vegetarian sandwiches from the average deli.... I'm always sure to get a vegan one if I must eat out but salads and soups are a better choice...
its eating habits. when one turns vegetarian without thoroughly or paying much mind to what they can eat, they might just turn to the regular foods they eat and turn to them more often without really broadening their horizons and trying new foods and recipes that are, indeed, vegetarian. perse, if one were to eat snicker bars before turning vegetarian, they might eat more when they turn vegetarian because they cant find much else to eat.

hey, i recently discovered vegan baking and that reintroduced me into the weight-gain lifestyle.. but thats a habit right there. broaden your horizon.

its important to research and really look at the vegetarian and vegan diet. if its healthy and balanced, one shouldnt experience weight gain..
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