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Full List of plant-based foods with protein?

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I'm looking for a list of vegetarian foods that are high in protein. Preferably a list that starts with foods high in protein, and descends into foods less in protein.

Couldn't seem to find a good one through google searches.


I found this for fiber: oods/NU00582

and I'm looking for a list similar to that one for protein.


Thank you in advance.

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greek yogurt/cottage cheese

almonds and other nuts and nut butters



those are my main ones.  I also eat fish though - technically "pescitarian"

WHOLE EGGS (and egg whites)

Best source of protein out there, completely absorbed and easily digestible , if you only have one source of protein, go for these. 

Personally I think that if you are eating a vegetarian diet and you tend to be "low" in protein, then at least make that protein count! Eggs are a complete source and you absorb nearly every single bit of protein in them. 

Check out the "biological value" of different types of proteins:

Notice how high eggs rank, and how low beans rank? This means that to ABSORB the same amount of protein that's in one egg, you would have to eat a heck of a lot more beans (and of course that would mean that you would have to consume a lot more calories and starch too)

Quality over quantity!!

**I know that this link isn't the best, but these numbers don't vary much from source to source. 


Dairy-Based Sources (choose unsweetened varieties for better nutritional value)

Yogurt (particularly Greek yogurt) Cottage cheese Ricotta cheese Other varieties of cheese Kefir Milk Whey protein powder Casein based protein powder Plant Based (Vegetarian) Sources

Beans Legumes (ie: lentils, split peas) Soy-based products (tofu, tempeh, edamame, soy milk) Seitan (wheat gluten protein) TVP (textured vegetable protein) Whole grains (Quinoa is the highest grain source of protein. Others, like rice, are low.) Nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc) Seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, flax, chia, hemp, etc) Seaweed Nutritional Yeast Vegan protein powders (sourced from rice, soy, beans, hemp, etc).
Sorry, I copied and pasted that list from a post on the Foods forum using my phone. I'll add the spacing tomorrow.
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