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What is a few things to take to school?

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I'm trying to eat healthier and the only thing I eat at school is chips or fries because everything else is meat.. What are a few things that are quick and easy to make that I can bring to school?
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baby carrots and fruit need no prep really other than being washed off.  If you want to do salad I found tiny tupperware containers for dressing at Target so I'm sure they're pretty readily available.  Not a vegetarian myself but those are things I used to take that were healthy and quick to pack when I was working.

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If you have a cooling pack in your lunch box you could bring a yogurt (if you're not vegan).  I also like to pack a small handful of Emerald cocoa dusted almonds.  It's filling and gives me a bit of a chocolatey taste for only 1 gram of sugar.  Any fruit is also easy to pack.  Or you could do ants on a log- celery, a little bit of peanut butter (don't over-do it) and a couple of raisins. 

whole wheat wrap filled with a layer of hummus, mixed veggies like green bell peppers, tomato and spinach and maybe a vegan boca burger cut into strips. Roll, pack in a zippy bag or several zippy bags and prep when you are about to eat.

There are also some great vegetarian friendly granola bars out there. check um out!

Fruit is always an excellent option or a bag of raw veggies.

Nuts and seeds are a great addition to applesauce!

If you still want fries or chips for lunch, try making your own fries at home. bake thin strips of potato, toast in a bit of vegetable oil, add some salt or other seasoning and bake till crispy!

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Banana bread very delicious and nutritious..

If you have access to a microwave, I like to bring pasta, chili, stir fry, or curry. Peanut butter and jam sandwiches are good too. Hummus and pita or carrots is good for a snack, and so are nuts and dried fruit.

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