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do i eat to many mushrooms ....... they are so good

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i love them they are so good......... i have a questin thou i eat 500grams raw musrhooms daily just button ones....... is this okay?
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As long as they are not keeping you from getting all of your nutrients and they don't cause you to go over your calories (HA, yeah right) then it's fine!

Many of us have a favorite snack that we eat more of than other foods. Consider yourself lucky that you crave mushrooms and not cookies and ice cream. I love mushrooms too, they're so good cooked with nothing on them. :D
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Anything in excess is not good for you but if you are eating a varied diet along with a lot of mushrooms then it should be okay.  Often a craving may mean a dietary deficiency, so look very carefully at your total diet for the past week or two to see if anything might be missing.  Mushrooms are really high in B-complex vitamins and B12 is especially difficult for vegetarians to get from diet alone.  Hope this helps!
Just don't eat them raw.  They contain chiton (like a bug's shell), and some have carcinogenic chemicals.  Both break down when cooked.
hi you have a reference for not eating raw mushrooms please? 
No more resources than anyone else.  Here's where I looked for evidence.  Yuck.
I get my information from The World's Healthiest Foods website

They review both crimini and shitake mushrooms, but not the common white button mushrooms


Here's what the USDA says
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