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Eat-to-Live Recipes

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Hello - I am a vegetarian and have recently started the Eat-to-Live diet plan thinking it would be an easy diet to lose my goal of 30 lbs.  I lost four pounds the first week... I am motivated... but now I am thinking about dinner and wondering what I can do to make it more interesting.   I am beginning to feel like I am gorging myself on veggies and fruits and getting a bit bored.  I miss pasta BIG TIME!

Does anyone have any creative Eat to Live recipes they can share?

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Is pasta non-vegetarian?

Its vegetarian, but not allowed on the Eat to Live program.

Congrats on starting ETL (eat to live). I think it's a great plan, not just for weight loss but for health.

Take a look at There are a ton of recipes, with a special section for ones that are ETL friendly. A cup of whole grain or starchy veggies per day is allowed on the plan, so it's possible to get very creative, especially with ethnic foods. And don't forget the beans and nuts! There's also a Yahoo group that's really helpful at

I'm an incredibly boring cook, so I often have a fruit and greens smoothie for breakfast, soup for lunch and salad/cooked veggies for dinner. I get creative with making soup, but don't use a recipe and it's never the same twice. Something like split pea soup seems like a great treat to me. I'd take that over noodles any day!

If you keep up with ETL, cravings for refined foods will diminish. There's really no taste or texture to them, and I think they lose their appeal. Granted I still struggle with passing by fresh, crusty bread. Keeping away from the grocery's bakery department reduces the triggers for me. ;-7

Thank you so much!  These links are great.  You are right about the beans.... I made a really nice curry chickpea thing last night.  I've also become the lentil king.  I have allowed myself unlimited quantities of the beans to get me through my pasta cravings.  My problem is if I have the cup allowed, I cant stop Laughing


I did ETL for a while, a couple times... I've got a few ETL recipes on my blog (linked on my profile)... some recipes are tagged "Eat to Live" ...

Best of luck with it! 

Sounds like a good plan of attack - get through the first six weeks and afterward see if you can handle pasta responsibly with your off plan calorie allowance. If not, give it some more time and switch to whole grain pasta if you don't already use that. Adding more beans should help keep you satisfied meanwhile.

I did a similar thing (but not as good) when weaning off cheese, allowing refined carbs and more fats to deal with the withdrawal. Ate lots of avocado and hummus! Then I worked on the carbs - bread was my next biggest failing. I'd make flatbread out of chickpea flour (besan) instead. It was a lot of calories, but still only powdered beans and I figured that was better than white pita or naan.

Gradually working on my bad food habits several weeks before starting ETL helped me feel fairly successful following Fuhrman's eating style. Was a pretty awful junk food vegetarian before. Every time I fell off the wagon it was due to lack of planning. Super busy times, stress, no time to shop or prepare meals are a recipe for disaster. It's also hard to face so much salad and raw veggies in northern winters, but hearty soups help and it's easier now that the weather is improving!



Thanks - the support here is great!!!

Yay, I just started the ETL plan a couple weeks ago for the second time. Since you are vegetarian, maybe you already know the site but I use it sometimes to get ideas, and just cut out the ingredients that aren't allowed. I noticed you didn't mention tofu, that is something I like to stirfry with. I'm really boring and am totally happy with stirfried greens, beans, and mushrooms, so I'm probably not much help. :)


I know this isn't dinner related, but something that I do most days is make a fruit smoothie... super yummy and filling, and I can get creative about what I throw in there.

Good luck, and congrats on your progress!



Thanks for the tips.  I take it that since this is your second time on the ETL plan, the first was a success?  I weigh myself tomorrow morning.  Fingers crossed that it is working!

Yes, it was a success. I like to use it as sort of a mental reset, to remind myself what a healthy diet looks like. It is always a good reminder of what I should be striving for. I only needed to lose like 10 lbs the first time, and only followed it for a couple weeks. This time I am shooting for the full 6 weeks! I've lost 9 lb, 2 weeks in (I cheated a few times.) I like weighing myself, it helps to keep me motivated. The pounds just sort of melt away.

Good For You!  I "weighed-in" this morning.  Lost 4.5 lbs this week for a total of 8.5 in two.  I am really motivated... this really does work.  I losen up the plan on the weekends (not go crazy mind you) and still find the pounds coming off.  I love martinis and will have one or two this weekend.

I started ETL back in mid-November and I've so far lost close to 60 pounds. My diet without fail basically starts out with a smoothie in the morning, a massive salad for lunch, and for dinner a meal consisting of a grain, a couple types of vegetables and a protein.

During the 6 week plan I had no problem staying satiated, however I thought the food was pretty boring. That's really my only complaint of the plan. I stuck to recipes from other vegan cookbooks I owned and modified them to conform to ETL. Basically with holding the oil, salt, sugar and steering clear of refined grains. It wasn't really tough once I got the hang of it.

Now that I'm no longer in the 6 week period, I've incorporated more whole grains into my diet and am following a combination of ETL and the Engine 2 Diet.

Keep it up, it will pay off in the end.

Thanks for the encouragement and congratulations to your success!

Thanks for all the posts on Eat To Live diet.  I have the book at home, and totally forgot about it.  I am starting that tomorrow now!  I really liked Treebyleaf's reason of doing it as a "mental-reset of what a healthy diet looks like".  Great description. 


I need to lose about 10-15 pounds by the end of June for a trip to Italy, where I will NOT be eating doing the Eat to Live plan, but will be a great plan for both before and after. 


Thanks again for the reminder about that book!  Best of luck to you all!!

Hope you've given E2L a chance!  I've completed four weeks and have lost 12 lbs.  (Thats with some cheating on the weekends... a little fish and a couple of pieces of blue cheese).  This has been a real eye opener for me!  

Still plugging along!  About 6 weeks in and Im down 16 lbs and feel great! 

My newest "treat" is an E2L "Italian Ice".  I take frozen berries (strawberry, blueberry and raspberry), mix it in a blender, adding water to losen it up and one small carton of rice milk.  Once it is smooth I pour the mixure into 4-6 ziplock contains with lids, then into the freezer.  They are really good.  Texture is very similar to the italian ice you remember, but without the guilt!

smileharder that frozen treat sounds yummy i'll have to try it =) congrats on the weightloss too! just a question, have you been doing ETL strictly (ie: no snacks in between meals)? i've been following it loosely on and off, and have great results when i do follow it.

Gosh... sorry for my delay, I haven't been checking this site too much lately.  I have not been doing it strictly.  I do have snacks but try to keep the snacks either fruit or raw cut up bell peppers.... etc.  On the weekends I have been known to have a martini or two Laughing.... but beyond that I am pretty good.  As far as status - Im down 18 lbs... the weight loss has slowed a bit, but I feel terrific!

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