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How to eat less carbs?!?!?!

Quote  |  Reply I'm became a vegetarian this year for animal rights reasons.  I thought it would be a great thing, not only because of my views on animal rights, but also to lose weight.  Well, I've ended up gaining about 25 pounds since I became a vegetarian.  I think I've craved more sweets and definitely am eating more carbs than ever now.  I need some advice on how to satisfy my sweet tooth and on how to fill up on things other than carbs...while not eating lean meats anymore.  I will not go back to eating meat!  I don't want to!  But I can't stay at this weight...I am uncomforable and can't fit into most of my clothes!  HELP!
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I totally understand your problem.  I definitely spent my first few veggie years as a pastaterian instead of a vegetarian.  I also gained a lot of weight.  However, when i focused more on eating right... beans, lots of veggies, things like tofu and tempeh, and whole grain carbs, i lost a ton of weight, and felt better too.  Proper nutrition is definitely important no matter if you eat meat or not.  If you eat dairy and eggs, be careful not to become a cheeseatarian too :)
I lovee tofu and tempeh, Do u know where i could get tempeh lyse? so yea, just stir fry vegetables (or soup veggies), and two slices of tof or tempeh plus half cup of rice could make me satisfies (plus one apple if its not filling enough). But i think as long as u manage ur carb intake and not eating simple carb (like cookies, biscuits, etc) it should be fine. Ppl in Indonesia barely get big, but they eat rice everyday, the different is they eat cake n stuff occasionally, and my nutritionist suggested me the same thing too, so i guess eating everything in moderation is ok, as long as not too much :)
I think we all go through this in the beginning veggygirl, especially if we are just "making it up as we go along" in regards to what we eat. I have been a vegetarian for a little over four years and the first year was the hardest. I didn't miss meat, but I did miss feeling full after meals. What made the transition easier was this very website. I could see the nutritional information on things that I normally couldn't (banana's, apples, spinach) and by paying attention, was able to make sure I actually got my daily allowance of PROTEIN, fiber, vitamins and minerals. I began to eat when I got hungry, and only then. I ate my meals and snacked on fruit and almonds if I felt that familiar pang before it was "time" to eat again. Also, I began trying to concentrate the majority of my carbs into breakfast and lunch, giving me all day to burn them off. And with anything, a healthy balanced diet is great, but exercise makes it all worthwhile. Good luck.
As I was reading through your responses, I realized my problem is that I actually don't take the time to cook myself healthy meals.  I'm in college and eat out with friends a lot...and otherwise I kind of just eat whatever's quickest.  (cookie, bread, ect.)    Anyways, I'll definitely try to cook myself more veggies and include more protien sources like beans and tofu, instead of just eggs and dairy.  Thanks all! 
Yah that's my problem too. I don't have time or energy to COOK myself a filling meal so instead I will eat 1/2 a loaf of bread or box of cheese its. It's also hard to keep fresh ingredients around. Right now I have a bunch of zucchini in the fridge but I don't know what to do with it.

Anyway, I feel ya
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You should only concentrate on reducing (not eliminating) non vegetable carbs. Vegetable carbs are the best thing for you and you can eat a ton of them.

Vegetarians can't eat sweets like meat eaters can. You will just have to get used to that I am sorry to say.

To cure my sweet tooth I allow myself 1-2 pieces of fruit a day. Also for the chocolate craving I have found chocolate soy yogurt and chocolate Bumble Bars. Vegan, nutritious and low cal. I have a few a week. Also, crystalized ginger! It's an aquired taste but you only need a little tiny bite to be over sweetened. It will warm you up on a cold day too:)

Good luck!
That's good!  I gave up yogurt after one of my annoying friends pointed out that gelatin was in it.  :(  I used to eat yogurt and fruit for a sweet snack...I'm gonna try the soy yogurt. 

I realize that I need to eat more veggies.  I need to find some yummy ways to cook them without a lot of pan frying...ugg.  I hate boiled veggies--they're so bland!  Got any good suggestions?

Thanks for all your help everybody!  :)
I just bought this really great seasoning called SPIKE. They use it at my favorite restaurant Sprouts in So. lake Tahoe.

I only get to eat there a few times a year and I would dream of the seasoning. Finally the last time I was there I asked "what is that amazing flavor on your food? They told me it was SPIKE and you can get it at Safeway etc.

So thats what I pour all over my Bland Steamed Veggies.

Oh and the reports I read say it's all natural and healthy. Maybe a little on the salty side though if you have a problem with salts?
Sankyu!!!  I don't have a problem with salts at all...I'll look for that!  :)
I swear by lentils. Typically one meal a day of nice, spicy daal. I have the luxury of being able to come home from work at noon so I stick them in the crock pot in the mornining with some fake chicken boullion, tandoory spices, and some red pepper and it's ready for lunch.

Lentils are also high in protein and fiber. Great stuff.
get a rice cooker. They are wonderful tools for someone who does not like to cook. I like to make sherpa rice. Put in that cooker 2 parts brown rice, 1 part barley, and one part lentils. If you like put in veggie boullion. Of course add 2.5 times the amout of h2o than dry stuff and plug it in and wait till it finishes. Great stuff with complete protien, lots of fiber and delicious. Top with steamed veggies. Yummm. Makes meals for several days and can be reheated in the micro blaster or makes a great stir fry.
hmm...both of you mentioned lentils...I'll have to get some next time I'm at the store.  I'm going to try sounds really good.  Thanks!  I need to have more fiber in my diet!!!  One time I did my nutrition analysis on here and I had 5 grams of fiber that day!  UGG!  I love rice as I'm sure I'll love it.  Thanx a million!  :)
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