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non-dairy acidophilus?

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I just found out I have to take a course of antibiotics for strep throat.  In the past, whenever I would have to take antibiotics I would be sure to eat plenty of good plain yogurt for the acidophilus and other good things to help keep things inbalance 'down there' prevent The Yeasties which can occur when taking these types of medications.

Now that I do not eat dairy, I wonder how I can get the good probiotics?  I am NOT a fan of soy yogurt, but I can perhaps make a little smoothie or something.

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There is soy yogurt- I eat Whole Soy & Co and I love it. Also, Whole Foods sells probiotic caplets that are vegan- I also have these and I like them a good bit.

What about just buying acidophilus in the form of a pill or capsule??  I take one every day to keep my immune system up...recommended by my doctor.

I also take acidophilus in capsule it at walgreen's for maybe 7.99 or so....

Agreed. Take a probiotic in pill form. Most of them should be vegan, but double check anyway.

Thanks everyone, I did go get some of the acidophilus pills and they are vegan!  Now I need to cross my fingers and hope they help out downstairs....

FYI Stonyfield Farm O'Soy yogurt has 6 different live active cultures in it, including acidophilus, if you ever develop a taste for yogurt. :)

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Based on a number of recent reports taking acidophilus bacteria dietary supplements is excellent and good at the treating of yeast or urinary infections in women. We can claim that acidophilus is primarily good at dealing with Candida fungus, which causes major difficulties for a good number of afflicted adult females. If your amount of acidophilus are insufficient because of low intake or increased requirements we need to improve to amounts of acidophilus bacteria. There are several studies that have also revealed that acidophilus bacteria is great for normal blood clotting. If we make a contrast concerning the advantages and negative effects of acidophilus we must concur that the benefits are far more valuable. When it comes to unwanted side effects they are generally insignificant: flatulence as well as gasses.

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