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being cold a lot

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I've been trying to research the reasons why veganism could cause me to feel cold all the time. I keep the temperature up in my apartment, but have a hard time staying warm or getting warm. I've always been naturally colder than people for some reason (maybe blood pressure and things like that), but I've noticed now it's even worse than before. It seems like my hands and feet are never actually warm!

So, does anyone know anything about vegan diets and feeling cold? Is there something wrong with my diet? I always get an A on my grading system on c-c and try to eat a low amount of fats, so could it be that? Any advice is really appreciated!
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Is there a reason why you associate you coldness to veganism? It might not be the case. I have a friend with a condition that just makes her feel cold---can't think of what it is now. Maybe you want to talk to your doctor about it?
Since I've been completely vegan, I've felt like it takes much more time for me to get warm and its harder to stay warm, even compared to when I was vegetarian. One of my friends noticed and said that he's heard that vegans are usually colder than other people because they aren't consuming any animal fats. But maybe I do have something else going on. I've quit going to doctors in general, though, so that's not really an option. Is this condition well known? I could always research it?
hypothyroidium carrys a symptom of being cold, very cold. Normaly eveyone else thinks your nuts as its "so warm!" i get that a lot...

could you be a hypo?

OR your body produces heat as it processes foods. Perhaps your metalisum isn't up to strach - even if your not hypo it still could be sluggish. Try moving about more and eating foods like brocolli. and even taking a zinc/vit c supplement. Or upping your bright coloured veggies.
My hands are freezing as I type this =P I'm always cold all the time too, and my diet is vegan the majority of days.

But I never associated it to that. I think I started feeling colder around the time I first lost weight. I remember that as a kid I was always warm and friends would even ask me to warm up their hands, but now I rarely feel my hands warm.

I never heard of that association though, vegan- being cold.
would hypothyroidism have come up in earlier blood tests or urine testing? because i really doubt it is that. would a zince supplement help if i didn't have a thyroid problem? i can start taking that, too (if necessary).
I have no real input, but I feel for you since i'm pretty similar. It doesn't help that my roommate is always warm and leaves the window open in our room. But like you i've always been naturally colder though it hasn't gotten any worse since cutting out the animal products.
then i would start taking vitamins and eating more food like brocolli and peppers etc. It just sounds to me your metabolic rate needs a kick up the arse haha! You should find after a few more higher cal meals (healthy of corse) you should feel warmer.
How much do you weigh/how tall? Maybe you're too thin?
han: i take vitamins daily, including a multivitamin, calcium, iron, b-complex. would you recommend eating more veggies in general or just broccoli and peppers? what kind of veggies would help with this? i need to add calories? cause in my opinion im not really i need of calories.

alayney: haha im definitely not too thin! i'm working on it though. im 5'9.5" weighing around 138-142. my bmi is 20.1-20.7, so its definitely not that!

could this be because of the amount of fat i consume? usually try to stay below 25-30g/ day. (or 15-20% of total intake). I really don't want to increase this, but just wondering if this could be the cause.
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Just read one of the articles in the library section of this website "How to Keep Your Metabolism from Shutting Down", they mentioned about cutting your calories by too much can make you cold and tired. Especially if your cutting your calories more than 500 per day.
I've been a vegetarian for over a year now, but I've also dropped 150+ pounds in the last year and a half.  I'm almost always cold.  Wool is my friend!  I attribute it to having a lower percentage of body fat, plus I'm a smoker (sorry, working on that) and it makes my circulation more sluggish so my hands and feet are usually the coldest!
wow! that's a lot of weight raehn! im sure that could be a huge factor in feeling colder, although I haven't actually lost any weight (although hoping to eventually), I pretty much maintain. I didn't know that smoking made you colder, too. Hmmm. Thanks for all of the input everyone!
Usually cold hands are an indicator of a slowing metabolism.  Im practically ALWAYS cold.  Im in recovery now for some of my diet mentality habits and this slowed metabolism will stay with me for life.  Its hard to get through but im doing so much better.  Just saying eat at least 1,200 calories a day and dont go lower it will mess you up forever really.  Mentally and Physically but more mentally.  Reallyyy.  Ya anyways i dont know im always so cold its probly cuz im too fat though it surely isnt that im too skinny. HA. Ima fatty.  To look good i wanna lose at least 10 more pouns but i need help considering i have a slow metabolism anyone wanna help?  Because i surely need lots of it.
I've been vegan for 1 year and 1 month now, and I've always noticed being really cold. I also have hypoglycemia, that is low-blood sugar. I try and associate my 'being cold' with that instead of being vegan. I don't think being vegan has anything to do with us being more cold. I think mine could just be 'bad circulation'. I think bad circulation goes with me being hypoglycemic. If you're worried about it go to your doctor. BUT STAY VEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I am definitely going to stay vegan, no worries there. I do have both low blood pressure and low blood sugar, although I try to eat often and do eat enough sugar. So could that be the reason I'm cold? I'm still wondering about this one. Maybe I'm just one of those people that's always cold? I know my metabolism has slowed a little, it seems to be a combination of a lot of things, but doesn't seem like such a big deal any more. Thanks!
I also have hypoglycemia and I'm always cold, but as I recently confessed here, I also eat meat on occasion.

I attribute my constant need to wear layers to my body type - I am somewhere between a mesomorph and an endomorph. Endomorphs tend to have slower metabolisms, hence, they also tend to be cold.

Recently, I was walking home with my friend who is a true ectomorph (speedy little metabolism). She was sashaying along with her jacket swinging open to reveal her teeny little sweater that barely covered her teeny little belly. I was wrapped in sweaters, jacket, fleece and scarves like I was starring in Dr. Zhivago. (I've joked that I might actually be a healthy weight, but I'm like a sheep dog - I can't take off enough layers to weigh myself properly.)

If ever there was a pair of stereotypes, it was there on that walk home.

Before I attributed my diet to my body temp, I'd look at my body type.
Hi I'm new here

I've been reading about your being cold.

Since I have been vegan I am always cold. A doctor told me it was a healthy sign that I am truely Vegan and not eating wrong. He told me it is healthier and your body was not in a state of low grade fever. Take your temp and that of several people around who are not vegan yours should be lower. This is also true of anyone who has just done a cleansing week.
Is it mostly your hands and feet being icy cold?  Could be Reynaud's Phenomenon, though I don't know if that would explain general coldness....
general coldness
well, generally cold. like whole body with the exception of like midsection and thighs (obviously my fatter areas). i tend to be cold longer than other people. like well come out of the cold and ill still be cold a while after they've warmed up. or i feel significantly colder and require more layers to feel warm enough. hands are generally cold, even in summer. so not sure about that one.

hmmmm...piatt...nice to know a doctor actually told you something useful, ive actually quit going to them for the most part except when absolutely necessary. but i guess that makes sense. ill have to check that one out!
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