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Is butter vegetarian?

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I know, I know, I'm a dope for asking. I'd look myself, but whenever I search for butter, everything from peanut butter to almond butter comes up - but not butter!

Unless I'm wrong, does it have gelatin in it? Thanks to any feedback, you guys are awesome. :D
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well butter is made of cream and stuff, so it's an animal product.

it depends on if you drink milk or eat cheese, etc. If you're vegan it would probably not be allowed for a vegan diet, but if you're vegetarian and just don't eat meat then it's okay
butter is pure milk fat (possibly salted) - no gelatin. If you eat dairy at all a bit of butter should be OK.
Butter is fine if you are lacto-vegetarian. Butter contains only milk fat and milk solids and sometimes added salt. 

It's easy to make your own, too. Put some cream or full-fat milk into a jar. Shake it hard for about 10 minutes until it separates. Voila! Butter.
nope.  Butter is made from cream and should not have gelatin.

PS:  you can also make butter with your electric mixer.  Beat heavy cream until it's whipped cream, and then just keep at it till it turns into butter.  you can add garlic and herbs to make flavored butter, too.
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