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does anybody know of a good veggie bacon, that is low fat and low sodium, but still tastes quite yummy.

I love to make soups and chowders, but some call for bacon, which has become evil in my new lifestyle, even though I sometimes still crave the taste of it.

I know Boca makes a great Vegan burger, does any one know if they make a bacon also.

I'm trying to add more and more veggie foods to my diet.
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Yves veggie bacon bits. Fakin bacon tempeh strips. Morningstar.
If you want to use bacon bits on anything, most are made of soy. If you don't want to be eating a lot of flavourings (sodium) and colourings though, i would stay away from them.  Just look in the veg, or organic setion of your local grocery store. Good luck!  
I often use sun-dried tomatoes in place of bacon (the dry-packed ones, not the ones in oil).  They have a similar (but by no means the same) salty, concentrated flavor, for few calories and no fat.
I like Light Life Smart Bacon a lot.......

You could make your own out of tempeh, smoke flavoring, and some other stuff... I think the recipe is here...
I like the redwood vegi deli biorasher, which I added here a couple of weeks back, but I don't know if you can find that where you are. I used to use the Morningstar ones. I've also replaced it with halloumi cheese in some recipes.

I love the sound of using sun-dried tomatoes as an alternative though - I adore them!
thanks. I can find Morningstar Farms here but I've never heard of redwood vegi deli biorasher.

What is halloumi cheese?

the sun dried tomatos sound yummy though.

I live in Fargo ND, more urban than anywhere else in ND, but vegi anything is still rather limited.  A very meat centered state to put it mildly. 
Halloumi is a salty cheese you can grill or dry fry (i.e. fry without oil in a pan). wikipedia entry

It's quite salty but yummy with roast veg or tossed in a warm salad.

You have my sympathies - when I became a veggie it was still hard to find meat substitutes outside of health food shops in the UK. Compared to then, the choice in every UK supermarket today is staggering! So maybe in another twenty years US supermarkets will be as varied as over here... ;)

I've been reducing my meat substitutes, in favour of more veg, hence my "oooooh" at the idea of sun-dried tomatoes.
Meat substitues are rather new around here, outside of health food stores and long trips to Mpls/St Paul. There are a lot more available, but this is a large farming/ranching/hunting/fishing state and vegetarians are still looked at by many as being slighly odd or off thier rockers, or worse.

It has gotten much better since since science has started promoting less meat for being heallhty, but most stores still have a very lmited supply.

I'm not totally veg. I eat very limited meat (less than 2 or 3 times a week), and  I love my dairy. But I am slowly learning to deal with less meat. I have a 13 year old son, who is some what fussy about what he eats., so to make sudden radical changes to how we've eaten would not go over, but I'm working on it.

I 've used things ilke mushrooms or eggplants as main dishes in place of meat and he loves it. Hopefully soon he will be ready for the wonders of tofu.
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I second Light Life Smart Bacon. Low-calorie, and yummy.
I have yet to find a substitute for bacon that you can eat a standalone version of.

However, my beau made the most wonderful eggs benedict with Yves Veggie Bacon. It was really good! I find that if you can mix the bacon with something else then it is okay.
There is also a recipe for vegan bacon that you can make yourself in the cookbook, Vegan with a Vengeance and it's yummy!
last time I checked, straight-up "Bac-O's" were made of soy- but I havne't had em in years and wasn't a vegetarian then, so I wasn't reading the label real carefully...

I second Erica's comment about the Yves bacon, though.  You can also sometimes grab just a bottle of "smoke flavor" which is actually (sorry, but it's true) a wood distillate, and put it in veggie burgers and stuff to give it a more "authentic" taste.  It's by the BBQ sauce (thank GOD most of those sauces are vegan) usually, and the other application is for making meat jerky, but i bet it's good in some kinda eggplant stew.

now I want eggplant, see what you did?
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