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Artificial Sweeteners- vegan?

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I know that most conventional sugars are not vegan, but what about artificial sweeteners, like Splenda and Equal?  Are those vegan, or do they have the same problem as the sugars, as well?  Thanks to anyone who knows the answer!
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i dont know, i wouldnt suggest consuming them anyway.

( i have one quick question, im not vegan, but why is sugar considered off limits, i know its bad for your health)
Without going into too much detail, conventional sugars are sometimes (not always) processed through a bone char, which is made from animal by-products.
I am not a vegan (anymore) however I believe stevia is vegan I use it all the time and love it however some people complain of an aftertaste. I have never used Agave necter but I believe that is vegan also.

Stevia is a leaf from south america that has been used as a sweetener for years and is also used to sweeten sodas in Japan. It cannot be sold as a sweetener in the US and I think the UK( I am not sure where you are) but you can get it online and in health food stores as a supplement.

I would not use artificial sweeteners even if they were vegan, I dont believe they are healthy and I get cramps after eating even a little splenda.

Godd luck

I have tried Stevia also. I prefer the liquid form opposed to the powder because it leaves less of an after taste. I'm not sure why, but Stevia does leave a strange after taste. It's very concentrated so be careful if you use it. I like it better than sugar though.

Agave nectar is good (it's like honey) but loaded with calories.

A little off topic, but waifdreams, I've heard the same thing about filtered water and bone char.  I'm not an ethical vegan so it doesn't matter to me, just thought I'd mention it.

Agave nectar is vegan and has about the same calories as honey (~60 cals/ tbsp)... but it's very good!
I dont think they are processed with bone char. Sugar is to take out the colour turn it white (thats why raw cane sugar is vegan).

However, artificial sweeteners are tested on animals. I read about how Splenda (i believe it was them but all of them do it) tested on dogs. :(

Just wanted to point out that lots of cute beagles died testing Splenda (link 1, link 2, link 3 [GRAPHIC]).   So, if you're a vegan for the sake of the animals, it's counter productive to support sucralose.

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