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Anyone have recipes for bloat-free eating?

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Wheat, casseine, gluten and salt products are know to cause bloat.  Anybody knows about bloat-free recipes?
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I don't know if tortillas would cause you to bloat. I live off them and haven't had problems with them. If they don't, you could always do:

tortilla, tofu marinated in:

lime, cumin, lemon, oil, pepper, red pepper flakes

rice cooked in orange pineapple juice, and lettuce, tomatoes, onions (or for a twist scallions).
I completely agree--have you ever tried corn-based pasta?  Delicious, and doesn't make me feel gross like other pasta does.  I know this thread is old, but you should try it if you get a chance.  The brand I recently tried is:

Mrs. Leepers (Organic Corn Vegetable Radiatore)
It was on clearance when I bought it, so I have no idea if it is normally expensive.

Hope that helps!
Wheat and gluten products don't necessarily cause bloat.  However, if you limit your servings to a couple of ounces i.e. 2oz uncooked weight for pasta, 2oz breakfast cereals and 2 thin slices bread and if you opt for the wholegrain versions then you might find they have less of an effect than big portions of the refined, white versions. 

Salt does cause water retenton and most of it is contained in processed foods.  If you prepare and cook your own meals rather than rely on too many prepared items then you can be a lot more in control of the salt content. 

Other foods that cause bloating are brassicas (the cabbage family) and beans.  If you notice this then simply reduce the occasions on which you eat them.

In all events, you can significantly reduce bloating by drinking 2 litres (or 5 pints) of water a day, minimum. 
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