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anyone know of any 100 calorie meals that are vegetarian

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I'm looking for full healthy meals with only a 100 calories in them, so that I can have them through out the day. 

If any one knows of any please message me Laughing

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Umm ... 15 almonds is about 100 calories.

There are plenty of 100 calorie snacks but nothing that qualifies as a meal.  Why on earth would anyone want to eat only 100 calories?  Are you, by any chance, trying to starve yourself?  Sorry to be so blunt, but maybe it would help if we knew the reason or the context of your request.

how bout a veggie stir-fry  add some broccoli, a carrot, some cabbage, small onion, a splash of soya sauce it all roughly makes up around 100 calories and you'll bee full cos of the fiber in the broccoli or you could even add some cubes of firm tofu in if you wanted..its all up to the amount of the food you have in your meal in the end. veggies are low cal and when stir fried their extra yummy and filling!

to clairelaine 

because I was really sick for a very long time, and it made my stomach shrink so much that it's hard to eat, and my doctor recommended I eat small hundred calorie meals through out the day, to at least eat something, and try and stretch my stomach. 

100 calories is nothing, even with a small stomach, i am POSITIVE you can eat more than 14 almonds. 30 almonds, a string cheese, and some crackers will run you about 400 calories and is not a lot by any means. So, please don't use this as an excuse. Are you recovering from an ED? not an accusation, but is that what you meant by "sick?" what is your true aim? stretching your stomach and eating more for as little space in your stomach as possible, or is there something to this 100 calorie thing, because i can't imagine a doctore recommending that since it would be very hard to eat enough calories if you're consuming 100 calorie meals, you would have to be eating every single hour from the time you wake up until you go to bed, which would not be very fun or effective. please fill me in because i would love to help you if i can.

I had stomach ulcers, and mono...and yea my natural pathetic recomended I have small meals like snacks instead of forcing myself to eat big meals thank you very much. 

an omellette of three egg whites ( 3 x 30 ) and mushrooms (10 )


zucchini, peppers, mushroom etc roasted with olive spray and some salsa?


a slice of 50 cal bread with 2 scrambled egg white and a dash of ketchup?

a big salad of lettuce, cucmber, tomato, a few olives and some feta or cottage cheese ( would have to measure the cheese )

grilled tomato, mushrooms and a srcambled / poached / fried egg

or maybe even just a tin of low cal soup, or 100 calories of your favourite veg cooked and blitzed up with veg stock to make your own one - meal soup?

hope this helps.


thank you it does 

Original Post by mayawilliams:

to clairelaine 

because I was really sick for a very long time, and it made my stomach shrink so much that it's hard to eat, and my doctor recommended I eat small hundred calorie meals through out the day, to at least eat something, and try and stretch my stomach. 

 ah!  Now I understand.  So, is it better to just eat high calorie foods in small amounts and not worry about keeping to that 100 calories?  Does fat make a big difference in your digestion?  (I have to watch it because of gall bladder problems.) If not, adding olive oil to some things would help.  For instance, you could have a 4 ounce potato sauteed or roasted in 2 tsp of olive oil for about 180 cal.  Potatoes provide vitamin C and fiber and lots of minerals - very good for you.

If you can have highly concentrated calories, then nuts are great as is peanut butter and other nut butters - 2 tablespoons is about 150 calories, give or take a few.  Make a list of healthy foods that are high calorie, and just measure them for volume and don't worry aout the calorie count, if you doctor approves. 

These have around 150-160 calories but Amy's makes some great vegetarian alternatives to shepards pie and tamale pie. They are so delicious and meat free!

do you like granola ? maybe a cup of soy milk with granola or nuts or dried fruits or coconut?? 

soy yogurt fruit parfait? 

rice puddings ( home-made if you can not the sugary ones in the store)

do you eat fish?? maybe some tuna with a piece of bread?

yogurt + flaxseed.

crackers ( pick healthy, high fiber ones)  with 1/4 cup of cottage cheese.

Hope this helps.


and for the nuts, I second Claire's idea. Nuts are great for you. Blue Diamonds now has their 100 calories nuts packs. it will help you if you buy it.

check out their website ural100calories.cfm

Good luck


I love amy's food. I actually get alot of those, and Safina thanks for the nut ideas that's helpful too :)

You could try mini pita pizzas, half a small pitta bread toasted, top with tomato puree,peppers,plum tomatoes,mushrooms...whatever veg you have lying about cut up small and top with a small sprinking of very finely grated reduced fat cheese(parmezan is good) and grill for a few minuits.

that sounds absolutely delicious!

How about you make a batch of your favorite recipe (or look through CCs recipes for some healthy ones), and seperate it into 100 calorie portions? So if one normal recipe serving is 400 calories, divide it into 3 or 4 smaller portions and have one at a time?

i still don't understand the logic behind this...if your problem is that your stomach has shrunken then shouldn't your goal be to pack as many calories into a small space as possible..not to find out about 100 calorie "meals" that aren't really meals and aren't likely to lead to you reaching your calorie recommendations unless you're eating like every single hour. i'm not at all trying to be rude or blunt, i just seriously don't get this. 

I swear when you don't eat for whatever reason it is not healthy to start eating normal amounts of calories rapidly again as this can muck up your electrolytes etc and cause more complicated issues than the one of eating only small amounts for a few weeks gradually increasing to more?

Even so, I totally understand why you would want/need to do this.


As for 100 calorie meals:

1 Quorn chicken fillet (about 50 cals) + 1 vegetable steambag (about 50 cals)

1 Quorn burger (80 calories) + 1 side salad (20 cals)

1/3 tin haricot beans (40 cals) + 1/3 tin potatoes (30 cals) + salad (20-30 cals)

Low calorie tins of soups obv.

The 300g Quorn cottage pies only have 200kcal, so you could  have half?

Also,half a can of spaghetti has 100 calories, and even though thisisnt about watchinf weight, I actually prefer the Weight Watchers one as it has herbs in etc.

Another good option is Cauliflower curry; just use your favourite stir in curry sauce (some are quite high in calories) and away you go!

What about having fruit as dessert or something? Blueberries are extremely low in calories, so you could couple this with fatfree yoghurt(raspberry activia is great) or natural soya yoghurt and add a bit of honey or splenda.

If you like porridge, buy the sachets 'Oats so simple' they are around 100 calories can make them using water instead of milk, although nutritionally it would be better to use milk - alpro soya light is about 45 cals per 200ml, or try their new almond milk (50 cals per 200ml).

Organic puffed wheat only has 55 cals per serving, so if you add 200ml soya light then you have yourself a 100 calorie breakfast :)

I hope this helps.


didnt realise post was so old :P ah welll may help others anyway :O

A Greek yogurt serving is around 100 cals. Hope it helps!
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