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Alternatives to mayo/Miracle Whip

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I still have a jar of nonfat Miracle Whip and I'm using it (though sparingly, so it takes me forever to go through it all). Makes no sense to toss it when it's not expired and basically healthy, in comparison to regular. But I'm wondering if there are any vegan alternatives. I've tried soy-based mayo, but the fat-free kind isn't that good, and the two brands of soy yogurt available here are too sweet.

I usually mix the MW with a little mustard for vegetable dip, or dilute for salad dressing.
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IMO...Veganasie is the best alternative.  It's delish!  The brand is Follow Your Heart.  They have it in the regular market where I live.    
Veganase is the best.  I ate that even when I wasn't vegetarian because I prefer the taste of it.  I also like Tofuetti sour cream, better than regular diary sour cream. 
Try using tahini.  It's a little expensive in the store sometimes, but it's really easy to make your own.
Hmm. Those are pretty high in fat for right now, but when my calorie count is higher I'll definitely check both of those out.
i use avocado.      many don't like it but those who love them it's a great replacement for many things.
what about tofutti sour cream? the taste isn't exactly the same, but it'll do if you mix it with other stuff
That's not a bad idea - I wasn't thrilled about their cream cheese, but maybe the sour cream is better. And I have plenty of herbs and other things to mix in it.
I used to buy my daughter an eggless mayo - not sure what it was called.  Just know it was at health food stores 
veganaise, tofutti sour cream, avocado, hoummus, baba ganouj
I love to spread hummus on my sandwiches (and just about everything else).  It's much better for you than Miracle Whip, and it tastes a lot better, too!
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