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My mom called me this morning to tell me she had a job interview tomorrow morning, asking me to do her hair and just general bragging.

So we went to WalMart to buy her a top for her interview.  While in the dressing room, I got a call from, take a lucky guess?  WalMart!  I now have an interview for tomorrow morning, too.

Of course we had to wander right out and find a top for my interview, too.

I'm all squee!  I might not have to have "unemployed loser" behind my name in the newspaper when they announce my wedding.
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That's so exciting!  :)  Good luck!

And:  ...This might be slightly weird/creepy, but you're the phlebotomist, right?  Because yesterday, I was getting all this blood drawn for all sorts of stuff, and all I could do was think of you and how it's like, an entire profession.  It was so crazy watching all my blood spurt into the vials like that...

YAY Thats Great Good Luck!

This must be the week of Interviews I have one Thursday Evening!
Haha, yeah, I recently finished a Phlebotomy course.  I like the challenge of finding the veins more than the actual blood splurting into the vials.  I don't even use vaccutainers (assuming that's what you had done for multiple tests) if I can help it.  I like syringes so I can stab the tops of the tubes with the needles.  It makes me feel powerful as opposed to clipping in a tube within another tube.

It's such a cool job, I seriously hope I get an interview for that in the near future, too.  But hell, I'll take rollin' pastry dough at a WalMart bakery or cutting fabrics in the craft department until I can do my life's passion. 

Oh man, you'd love me, then!  She couldn't get the vein at first, so we had to switch arms.  Same thing happened last time I got blood taken.  Apparently, no one can find the vein in my left arm.  And it was those vaccutainer things, which I thought were cool because the blood fills them up so quickly!  I was really impressed, actually.  Sounds cool, I hope you can get a job doing that sometime soon!

In the mean time, any job is better than none!  Bakery of craft department doesn't sound bad.  I mean, there are worse departments...

I don't care what any PBT says, the best vein to look for if you can't find any others is on the side of the wrist.  There's almost ALWAYS one hiding there that gets looked over and it has such a great flow!

I remember during school I had a woman so bruised from having her blood drawn she begged me to use a butterfly needle.  They're bigger, so I don't get why people like having them as much.  I made her a deal that if I couldn't find a vein and get it on the first try I would personally write an order stating no blood is to be drawn from the more bruised arm what-so-ever and only butterfly needles are to be used on the patient.

Guess who got the sample on the first try without the woman even realising it?  "Just tell me when you're going to put it in, okay?"  "Sorry, you should've said something a few seconds ago.  I'm already done."  And it was from that happy vein that hides on the side of the wrist.

And then I told her I was a student and she said if I needed a letter of recommendation, I knew where to find her.

Ahhh.. I miss that job so much. <3
Eeks My veins are going into hiding just reading haha!!
They can't possibly hide from me.  I don't think I've ever not found a vein on someone.  Aahh...  Hospitals are missing out on a great talent over here.
ohhh I'm so excited for you about a JOB.  It will be so great to get out of the house, plus some extra money.  And Walmart used to have stock options for employees............and a store discount!!!!!

now, maybe my turn will come :)

But, I'm proud of you for never being whiney about no job and for finding creative ways to occupy yourself (sewing, etc) while you waited. 

I liked the nurse who drew a smiley face on my bandade, cause I was such a baby getting blood drawn.......and I was 50!

Until I had a baby (which toughens you up)  I always fainted if I saw a needle or got one.
Original Post by cellulitedelight:

They can't possibly hide from me. I don't think I've ever not found a vein on someone. Aahh... Hospitals are missing out on a great talent over here.

 I have had so many people say this to me and so many people not find veins :( I wish you lived around here! My blood draws usually go something like this:

1. "oh I always get it on the first hit"
2. Several minutes of being tied up with a tube and arm thumped, move on to other arm
3. Go back to first arm
4. Two sticks on first arm
5. Two sticks on second arm
6. (Optional get another person to try, about 50% of the time)
7. Baby needle in hand, blood slowly trickles out

I have been sent home because they have collapsed all my veins. That's my least favorite  

I had a patient who was very frail and seriously had nothin'.  The phlebotomist I was with came to find me to tell me she was a no-stick 'cause she seriously could not find anything on the only arm we could use.

I marched in that room, prodded the patient for about a minute, and proudly pointed out the tiniest vein on her forearm.  It was like a thread, but it was there.  Unfortunately it was so tiny there was no way of getting anything out of it without completely severing the vein (it was smaller than our smallest needles) but hey, at least I found it.

If they ever have that many issues with getting a sample, ask if they can't do a capillary stick (prick your finger and squeeze like hell).  Some tests will let you go that route.  The last resorts are to get doctors permission to draw from the foot, get an arterial sample (hurts more than labor, I'm told), or to have a draw line put in.

And hey Ohio, you can come work at WalMart with me.  They need someone else for the loading dock.  The dude took one look at me and dubbed me too puny for it.  I go for my second interview tomorrow and if all goes well, I'll be working in the bakery.  Oh joy, I'm going to get so sick of doughnuts I'll never eat another one again.

I think they went that route 'cause of my awesome cake decorating skills.
P.S.  My mom was offered a job, too, but turned it down.  The same pay she's getting now, they take out even more for health insurance that won't start for ninety days, and they only give medications.
Congrats on the second interview!  It's a great feeling.  I was out of work for a long while and finally got the job I'm in this past November.

*wanders into chat*

*learns new word: Phlebotomy*

*ponders the unnatural feeling of moving fluids in or out of the body via hoses*

*mind conjures a visual* 


Original Post by cellulitedelight:

If they ever have that many issues with getting a sample, ask if they can't do a capillary stick (prick your finger and squeeze like hell).  Some tests will let you go that route. 

yeah, I forgot about that. They have done that to me twice :(

Also good luck on your job interview!

It's so funny, I've never had trouble with getting blood out of me...Left arm or right arm. Huh.


Anyway! Good luck on the interview! You'll rock that WalMart :D 

*runs screaming from thread before CD attempts to find a vein*

aaackk i HATE needles :/

*runs back in*

good luck on the interview!!

*runs back out*
I'm tracking down the addresses of the 'fraidy cats and am ensuring I some day, come hell or high water, manage to transfer to a hospital in your area until I catch you guys walkin' through the doors.

I remember during my last day, I was doing rounds solo and had one patient with insanely slow blood flow.. Ugh, it clotted my hub so I had to take the needle off, squirt the clot into the patient's vomit bin, screw a new needle on, and then put the blood in the tubes.  He had the best look ever on his face.
Good Luck on the interview. I know it's tough in T-Town in the job market.
I had a nurse spend 20 mins sticking me over and over again without being able to get enough blood. She though it was a good idea to drug me through IV before she tried to take blood even after I told her that I don't handle pain meds well (I freak out really badly, panic and generally act like a 2 year old).

She was pissed when I just started yelling and telling her to get the other nurse who obviously had passed her nursing exams.

I was delerious and in a lot of pain. I felt bad a few days later when I remember this interlude. =)
Lol.  In three weeks I've seen some really good nurses and some really baaaaaaaaad nurses.  ".. How do I get the blood in the tube?  The lid doesn't come off!"
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