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worst insult you ever got because of your weight....

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mine by FAR was last schoolyear

so i was rushing to get out of social studies class (small desks and it SOOO hot in that room!) so i climb up my chair and jump over my desk. before i get to the door my teacher said 'better not do that again! im suprised you didnt break through the floor!' and the whole class laughed SOOO hard i thought i was gonna die!! :( sooo embarassing, i was really upset and i am usually not one to be affected by that stuff.... however i lost 30lbs this summer so hopefully i wont get any more comments like that....
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I've got many but the most painful have been..

I was walking to the store and a guy stuck his head out the window and started barking and moo'ing at me.  I was about 15.  That started my lifelong road of dieting.

Told I was too ugly and fat and I would be alone forever.

This might not seem like a big one but some guy that I really, really liked told me 'he doesn't date girls who have bodies like mine'.  It hurt so bad.  I felt lower then anything in the world right about then.  People can be so hurtful and cruel.  I make a point to never, EVER, judge anyone for their weight or the way they look because I know what it feels like and its not fun.

hmm... when i was schooling at ucsb, some girl came up to me and said, "wow youre the biggest asian girl ive ever seen!" lol stupid...

and... probably last week, my best friend and i were talking about the perfect guy and i was telling her that i wanted a super cute guy like the one's in my asian boybands. and she says, "yah but you only see hot girls with ugly guys, never the other way around."

dude what's that supposed to mean... ugh

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Original Post by sxox:

I think the worst would be your own mother telling you when she's mad that you're fat, ugly, stupid and will never get married. :(

You just gotta love Asian mothers -_-;;

"ALEXIS! You're so pretty. You'd be like model-pretty if you just lost like 30 pounds."

Well, I have too many of those stories to count, being heavy all my life.  One of the most humiliating was in Jr. High when one of the most popular boys came up to me, called me "jelly belly" and punched me in the stomach..... I've never forgotten the humiliation......

My co-worker is very, very heavy.  Recently, our company had an ice cream vendor come out with his ice cream truck and everyone got to go outside and get their favorite ice cream.  I chose to decline the offer.  That afternoon, when my heavy co-worker went out to get in her car to go home, someone had placed several ice cream wrappers on her windshield, underneather the wipers.  She told me about it the next morning and how it borthered her all night, who would do that kind of thing and what did they mean by it?  I think it was absolutely the worst, but I was secretly SO GLAD it was not my car.... I would have died......... people are so cruel and mean...... all I can say is Karma, Baby, Karma.........

My worst insult ever was 4 years ago when I went home to Boston to a wedding for my cousin.  I went to the beach with my cousin called Nantasket and of course I was overweight at 255lbs wearing a bathing suit.  When we went to lie down our towels, a girl that I went to elementary school with was walking by and I heard her whisper to her friends "What a whale, how can she even have the galls to be here like that" then laughed and walked off.  I am now 320lbs and I am doing ok but people can be so mean!

My worst insult ever was 4 years ago when I went home to Boston to a wedding for my cousin.  I went to the beach with my cousin called Nantasket and of course I was overweight at 255lbs wearing a bathing suit.  When we went to lie down our towels, a girl that I went to elementary school with was walking by and I heard her whisper to her friends "What a whale, how can she even have the galls to be here like that" then laughed and walked off.  I am now 320lbs and I am doing ok but people can be so mean!

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i was at movie night at my friends when i used the scale and weighed 130 lbs my friend saw and told everyone now i'm afraid to leave my house

A long time ago: "Don't you ever find it hard to even walk around?"

Now: "I bet your family is starving you."

Original Post by runnabe15:

I got a bit better and gained about 10-15 pounds and then like a few weeks ago, this boy i thought was cute grabbed my arm and said "wow what a fat arm"



Oh honey - My arm is exactly that same measurement as well, I got the same sort of comment... It was last year, before I was diagnosed with anorexia, but I was still a really low weight (so my arms were tiny ><), and this guy (who I really find irritating anyway, but he isn't intentionally mean...just really annoying) was sitting next to me, and he poked my arm and goes 'HAHA, look, it wobbles!' and continued to poke it.

Yeah. THAT'S what you say to a girl who's inescure about her weight. THANKS.

A few years ago when I was 17 years old, my family and i were watching americas funniest home videos.  after some videos of cute babies came on my parents starting talking about how cute the babies were and how fun it would be to have a baby around.  my dad then said.  "oh well.  ive already come to terms with the fact that im never going to get grandchildren." 

when your 17 years old and your dad already has lost hope that you'll ever get married and have kids,  it really hurts.  i'll never forget that.   the worst thing is my dad didnt even think it was an inappropriate thing to say to his teenage daughter.  he didnt even think twice about it.   it makes me sad to even think about it.

by the way, i was around 250lbs when i was 17, so i know it must of had something to do with my weight.

Original Post by sfhsclarinet:

this just happened to day.....
walking off the bus and some stupid 10th grader "coughs" fat ass.
wonderful. losing 10 lbs. doesn't make a difference i guess.....

 Don't let those ignorant comments discourage you.  I know it's easier said than done but 10lbs is a great loss!  You're doing wonderful and you'll show them all soon enough. 

Stay Strong! :) 

I jsut get called arrogant a lot because I'm really defined and toned. It's terrible really...

Ok so it was this year and it's not really the harshest of things to say but it was more the person it came from that affected me.

I was talking to my ex boyfriend of almost 2yrs on the phone (its a long complicated story not gonna get into it but i was inlove with the kid and still deeply care for him) Anyways, we're talking and he was all bitter because i had a new boyfriend (who i'm still with btw) and so he was telling me that i'm not as pretty like i used to be and then he said "Your body structure isn't even the same anymore"  and i was like "What's that supposed to mean??" (knowing myself all too well what it meant, i needed to hear him say it)  and he said "Well.. you've grown a bit..."  Yea i was mortified.  I was already upset with my weight because i had gained quite a bit over christmas break.  The best thing is though last year i weighed 128lbs (while i was dating him) dropped down to 118lbs and when we had that conversation i was up to probably around 125lbs but i was still lighter than when we were together!!  

But I'm trying really hard now to count calories and get down to the weight i wanted to be at all along (110lbs, I'm 5"1' btw).  I just want to show him so bad!!  Also being lighter than my current boyfriend would be amazing!  He tells me he loves how i look but i feel like a total cow next to him, i just want to curl up inside myself and seem as small as possible, ya know?  Anyways right now I'm at 123lbs on my 3rd day, well technically 4th day of dieting now because it's after 12am ha, but I'm feeling a lot better.

Good Luck to everyone and don't listen to what others say, misery loves company afterall.

Wow, this thread is really depressing, but also kind of cathartic.  I can't believe people are so cruel.  I feel the need to share, too.

For some reason, I never got too many insults when I was growing up, even though I've always been overweight.  I guess I just got lucky.  I was quiet and mousy, so maybe I escaped notice.  People tended to be too busy tormenting one of my good friends who was outspoken and loud (and very very skinny).

The one that really sticks out in my memory happened when I was a senior in high school.  Mind you, this was after I'd already lost about 70 or 80 pounds, so I was around 185-190, down from 267.  I was taking a college class concurrently, and one day when I was walking across campus, I saw a big group of people standing outside the library yelling at people walking by.  I crossed to the other side of the street, but I figured that wouldn't stop them, and it didn't.  One of the guys yelled "Big red dog!" like the phrase from Clifford, the children's TV show.  I was tall and fat, and I have red hair, and yeah...

Strangely enough, I didn't get too upset - but I do still remember it well.  It was actually kind of funny; a more creative insult than "fatass" or "lard butt" or the typical things you hear.

edit: Oops, double post.

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It seems that most of you have encountered insults about being overweight, but my situation is different.  I'm a waitress and one day at work a man I was waiting on asked me how old I was.  When I told him I'm 21 (he thought I was like, 12) he said "Oh, so are you one of those anorexics?"  I didn't know what to say, it took me by such surpise! (and in case you're wondering, I'm not anorexic, just really thin).  What really pisses me off is that people don't hesitate to say something about a thin person's weight, but what if I asked someone who was large if they are obese?  Or if I said wow you're really fat.  It's the same thing, people don't realize that being too thin is just like being overweight!  So if you wouldn't make a rude comment about a fat person why is it okay to do so to a thin one? UGH!

cole37: It's not okay.

I was overweight growing up, and my last name was Little...


You do the math. Yell

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