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worst insult you ever got because of your weight....

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mine by FAR was last schoolyear

so i was rushing to get out of social studies class (small desks and it SOOO hot in that room!) so i climb up my chair and jump over my desk. before i get to the door my teacher said 'better not do that again! im suprised you didnt break through the floor!' and the whole class laughed SOOO hard i thought i was gonna die!! :( sooo embarassing, i was really upset and i am usually not one to be affected by that stuff.... however i lost 30lbs this summer so hopefully i wont get any more comments like that....
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Wow, aangel, great way for your mom's boyfriend to bond with the future stepdaughter, huh... Jeez, some people are so clueless and rude...

in elementary school the kids would say that the floor shook whenever i walked. they always made "earthquake" comments when i walked around the classroom.

even now that im fit and no longer have weight to lose, i still make an effort to walk as lightly as possible. kids can be so cruel :(

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When I was about 15, I was walking to class and two boys behind me shouted 'THUNDERTHIGHS!' really loudly, and everyone just stared, pointed and whispered at me.

I still have a complex about my thighs.

Just skimming this thread (it's so long!) but wow, I can't believe how incredibly cruel people are. What right do people have, to make comments like this??? It boggles my mind!!!

I was normal weight until my first marriage... I remember being on vacation at the shore with my first husband, I was wearing a skimpy mini-skirt and thinking I looked awesome, and some young teenage boys yelled out some fat insults at me as they drove by us. At first, I didn't think they were referring to me... but then I looked around, and we were the only people on the street. That was the first time it occurred to me I was getting fat. But, it was still a few years and many many more pounds before I did anything about it.

Probably the worst comment I got was when I had someone remark, "Oh, you are looking more and more like your mom every day." Looking back now, I can see that this person might've actually meant it as a compliment... but you see, my mom had a weight problem for years... so in my head, I immediately thought this person was referring to my weight. THIS comment put me into action though, and I went on to lose a lot of weight. That was 15 years ago.

Otherwise, with this more recent 20 lb weight gain, the only persons that said anything about it were 1) my doctor - but he focused not on appearances, but on my blood test results (blood sugar going wacko, cholesterol soaring, etc); and 2) my sister.

Okay... my sister didn't really say anything directly: but I know her too well, and I can read her mind. I knew what she was thinking!!!!!! She takes pleasure seeing me get fat, not so much if I get skinny and fit.

Ah, sibling rivalry, gotta love it...
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i didn't know whether to take it as an insult or not... just yeah...

 so, just a week ago, i was a local chinese restuarant-- and i don't know what the deal is, but there are ALWAYS hispanic men up in there. well, anyway, i was sittin with one of my friends and i get a note from the waitress, saying that the hispanic men sittin in the corner sent this over for me. i open the napkin, reading "hola gorda."

for those of you not familiar with spanish, it read 'hey fatty.'

i've lived in paraguay (south america,) and, there, callin a girl 'gorda' isn't a compliment, in any sense of the word. the friend i was with, coincidentally, had lived in mexico for some time. she said that 'gorda' was a term of endearment in mexico...

 so yeah, i didn't know what i to think. we soon left after that, lol.

my husband when my son was 3months old told me you could be soo sexy if you lost weight then said well your not just fat your untoned. my son was born by c section and is now 8months and i stilll weigh 145lb which is a lot considering im only 4ft 9in. Also my 8year old daughter told me that her friends mommy was beautiful because she wasnt fat and you could be too mommy if your belly was smaller.

Couldnt decide which was worse

1. i was walking in the mall and a couple of girls were like awww are you pregant ( which i wasnt). that hurt

2. in high school this boy was bragging to everyone how he lost his virginity finally to some random girl he met on vacation.and the guys were like wha she look like. and he was likeeee " ughhh not that great looking, she was on the chubby fat side like amanda"!!! and i was sitting with all the guys during this convo :(.


i realllly hate that kid still, and sadly he is still part of my life becuase he is my boyfriends best friendd. ughhhh! but he is in guam for the next 2 years so haha!

When my ex boyfriend told me that he found it difficult to be intimate with me because i was ''bigger''.


I shoulda dumped him right then, things were never the same :( i still dont trust guys even though the guy im seeing now is so sweet and supportive..he constantly tells me that he thinks im gorgeous but that if im unhappy with how i look then he'll support me. Just what guys are meant to say by the way for any of you men reading... (although i do believe him :) )


Up until my early 20s I always just wore granny panties or bikini underwear.  One day shopping in a clothing store I saw some thong underwear and I got the idea to buy them and wear them to "be sexy" for my husband.  I had literally never worn them before.  Soooo, that evening I put them on and modeled for him, and he told me to turn around.  When I did he said "yeah, you definitely shouldn't wear those.  Your @ss is waaay too big." 

I weighed about 140 lbs at the time.  You should know he is now my ex.... 

That put me off wearing thongs for years, until my current husband told me he loves to see me in them and I look really good (even though during our marriage I have gotten to over 160 lbs, but am on my way back down!!)

I know I may not REALLY look good but what a sweetie to say so (and who knows, maybe he really thinks that!) 

shannon, i bet he 100% DOES think that! from my experience, the majority of guys are much more forgiving of what we think are our flaws. of course, there are plenty of exceptions...i think your ex was just a jerk!

Thanks Jules!!Smile

I think the worst was "You're fat".
Wow, no sh-t Sherlock. Thanks for coming out.
I was about 23 and leaving a store. It seriously just made me laugh. I said "Wow, clever" and just stood there and laughed. Pretty sure the guy (teenager) didn't know what to do.
Like seriously people, if you are going to make a comment like that, make it a witty one! Then I can laugh with you instead of at you!

I don't really let rude remarks or comments get to me. If they are from someone I know and care about, typically, they don't mean it the way it comes out. And if it's someone random, who cares?! I'm fat, they are stupid and obnoxious... they can't cure stupid. I think I have the better end of the stick.

We have to try to not let this kind of stuff get to us. We're all trying to get healthy, and that's what matters. I like this saying: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind!" Well, I know that the people who love me don't mind that I'm overweight... and those who don't like it and feel the need to voice their opinion, well they can bleep bleep. <edited for potty mouth>

No one ever told me I was fat; or at least when they did, I didn't pay attention.  It took me 15 years to notice and do something about it.  (Except this... My dad: "Wow, what size pants are you wearing now?"  Me: "38, same as you, right?"  Dad: "Yeah, but I'm 30 years older.  Haha!")

But once I said something awful.  My infant son was crying his hunger cry.  DW was nursing still, but she was cooking in the kitchen.  "Hang on," she hollered as she turned the stove off and prepared to come feed him.  I stared into his face and cooed at him to calm him down.  I talked to him.  I focused only on him.  I told him the milk was coming soon.  It's almost here.  Here it comes.  "Here comes the cow now."

But, you know, I was thinking "milk", not "fat".  Stupid, stupid, stupid!

And to be honest, I don't remember saying it.  But 16 years later, she remembers it all too well. 

Ooh... this one sort of bothers me.  I lost 35 lbs in 2006, and shortly after that I relocated to another part of the company I work for.  I rarely see the people I used to work with.  When I do, they're always say something like, "Hey! Skinny Phil!" It sounds too much like, "Hey! You used to be fat!"

No one in my new area knows I used to be 50 lbs heavier, so they don't comment at all.

My dad used to love to get ice cream when I was a kid.  Once we went to cold stone after a move to get a scoop.  We both started enjoying our ice cream and about half way through he took mine away (mid lick) and threw it away.  His explanation was that "I didn't need it all".  But he kept eating his delightfully.

Seriously!? I was only like 5'6" and 160 lbs.   Now I'm at about 5'7" and 147lbs. 

He also hid the sour creme from me when when the rest of the family got to eat it.  

I always joked that he's lucky I'm not anorexic.  

I didn't have a chance to read all of the posted comments...but I read enough to understand that ppl are so rude....and that I am not alone in being hurt by being over-weight.

My worst hurt from being heavy was this:

2 months after having my child c-section...and just 4 weeks after the removal of 37 staples (yep they messed up big time) and healing from 986 stitches (according the papers that came home with me)  my darling EX-husband walked in on me in the shower (our bathroom had clear shower doors), he looked at me (we were not fighting) and says: "God D*@N woman, after having a kid you are supposed to LOOSE weight not GAIN weight, I don't see any end in sight to your expansion."  Maybe I should mention that I was 104lbs at the time but according to BMI calculators my "normal weight" is between 88-111 so I was somewhere in between. 

This hurt so bad because I had always felt very over-weight. Even when I weighted 102 I was heavy and before I got pregnant, I was very concerned with my weight. I don't know what my EX hoped to accomplish that day but in the end things like that cost our marriage. 

There are good things too current husband tells me often that he thinks I am beautiful....I am 129lbs right now even though my BMI has me at 0.4 points away from being obese!

Lucky for my self esteem I haven't gotten any comments lately. But junior high was definately the worst. In math class we had folders that stayed in the room all year that the teacher put our tests etc in after she had marked them. One day I went in at lunch to check my mark on a particularly hard test and someone had written FAT in huge letters arcoss my folder. Luckily I was alone and it was written in pencil so I just erased it, but I doubt I'll ever forget it. That class also happened to be my homeroom, so my friends and I ate lunch together there. Sometime during that same year two boys from the class were talking about how oddly skinny the group of girls I hung out with were. "They're so tiny, well Marisa and Andrea anyway, Megan's pretty normal, but Whitney..." They didn't finish the sentence, but you can bet for weeks afterwards I finished it for them a hundred times with hundreds of horribly mean things.
This wasn't the worst but it was the most recent. I'd lost 97 pounds from my peak of 406, when this occured a few weeks ago.

I'm sitting with some friends and reach for my wallet to pay for a couple of drinks. I leaned slightly to the side and shift my leg to get my wallet because I always carry it in my right front pocket.

The cute little (size 0) short bleach blonde that claims to be a "friend" comments, "Your so fat you can't even get your hands in your pockets." Then she laughs at me.

My other friend who's also a cutie pie called her on it. I'm not sure what she said because it was in a harsh whisper. My reply is "...true but at least I can see over the steering wheel unlike yourself..."

Didn't take it too personal...because same same girl (size 0) had burnt me a couple of other times. The prior went something like this...after buying her a drink...a song with chorus..."I like big butts" is playing. She goes out of the blue, "You sure have a big butt." Before I could reply a another female friend who'd just joined us goes touches me makes eye contact and goes, "...but he has puppy dog eyes..." I have to admit the other friend endeared herself more than she could have imagined because no one had actually defended me from a nasty comment in like that in about a billion years. My reply to the size 0 was, "No more drinks for you until about 2012." Saw her at the same club a few weeks later and she keep hinting around about getting a free drink...I reminded, "Sure in 2012."

The same size 0 on other occassions teases me about being over 300 pounds.

This thread is good, I don't feel as isolated. I have a couple of things to get off my chest.

- I was hanging out at my best friend's apartment; she had two male roommates.  She was gone for some reason, and they were making fun of her, and how fat she was, and how she ate so much.  I was about the same size as her at that point, and wanted to dissapear.  I never told her, she didn't need that pain.

-My roommate's sister came over, and we were watching The Biggest Loser, and anyways, she's like "ohh, you are watching the fat people show".  I mean, I weighed just as much as some of the girls on that show, how could she say that.

-My dad over the years always makes little comments, and although I almost never see him anymore, he still does them.  The worst was at a dinner party my parents were hosting where he said pple should serve themselves before me because there would be no food left.

-Also, I was with my now-ex, and his sister and sister's boyfriend.  They all started talking about how much they weighed.  They were all around 115-130.  I just shut up, and felt so uncomfortable.  They didn't mean to put me in that situation, but it still hurt.

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When I was around 11 or 12 my brother grabbed my stomach, just grabbed a roll of fat and squeezed it really hard and laughed uproariously.  I tried to get away, but he wouldn't let go... the harder I struggled, the harder he laughed and the harder he held onto that disgusting roll of stomach fat.  I was all bruised afterward.  That is a very vivid memory.

(My brother is ok now, we get along well.  But I still think about that sometimes and even though it was over 10 years ago it still makes me want to cry.  I suppose I should just let it go.)

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