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worst insult you ever got because of your weight....

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mine by FAR was last schoolyear

so i was rushing to get out of social studies class (small desks and it SOOO hot in that room!) so i climb up my chair and jump over my desk. before i get to the door my teacher said 'better not do that again! im suprised you didnt break through the floor!' and the whole class laughed SOOO hard i thought i was gonna die!! :( sooo embarassing, i was really upset and i am usually not one to be affected by that stuff.... however i lost 30lbs this summer so hopefully i wont get any more comments like that....
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ouch :-(

mine would be my cousin, who was seven, and definitely not trying to insult me- but she was hugging me and she goes "you've gotten fatter. you used to be skinny." this was at 150lbs, my high, and I'm 5'9" tall, so  I wasn't huge, but it was a wake up call for me. I realized that I couldn't deny that the weight was there, and I had indeed gotten fatter. I was hurt, but it kicked my butt and got me to do something about it!

"I dont date fat chicks"


...yay for college...or not.... 

First of all.. .I'm a teacher and I find that HORRENDOUS!!!!  I can't imagine any situation where I would make a decision to hurt a student like that... seems to me like that person is a jackass and CLEARLY in the wrong profession.

We're there to make your lives successful.. .not to damage you... that's AWFUL...

but the worst fat comments I've ever heard are the ones I make to myself... those are the most painful...

In Grade 7, I used to walk down the halls and the older students would make pig noises and go 'sueeeeeeeey, sueeeeeeeey!'

Ugh...some many other little ones... some from children who don't know any better...but still. That one cuts the most I think. That and some jock dick in Grade 8 calling me a twinkie.
I don't get many comments on my weight. Though a few days ago I was walking around outside and some Army Troop said, "Way to go C-cups." That hurt more than it would have normally, because I just started to lose weight and take my weight loss seriously.
My best friend's 4-year old son told me, "my mommy said that you're fat".  She was trying to teach him how to describe the people he was with, so that if he gets lost he can tell someone what she looks like (besides a "girl").  But still!  :)
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The other girls on the crew team not considering me to me lightweight... and at my height, if I'm not lightweight, I'm overweight.

Ok, I know it doesn't sound bad, but it still hurt.
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Hi,  My worst comment was while we were walking from the parking lot to the Target, I think, there was a homeless guy sitting on the sidewalk with his cart full of useless junk and a dog looking like it needed to eat a meal, he looks up as I am walking into the store and says, "My god, there ought to be a law against fat people like you."  Now, I don't think anyone has ever said anything like that to me, knowing me or otherwise.  I wanted to say back that at least I had a home and job, not sitting in front of a store pan handling all day with a dog that needed a meal.  But, I held my head high and walked right passed him and all I said was, "I feel sorry for you!"  Then I walked into the store and went to the bathroom and cried for 5 minutes.  I had my heart ripped out of my chest that day.  I know he was a homeless guy who was probably just feeling sorry for himself, but he really hurt my feelings.  I started my diet plan about a week later after I had the money to buy the right food.  Now I am 150 lbs. lighter, but I still need to lose another 150 lbs. before I can call it quits.  Well, good luck everyone.  Hope to see you all around the site!

Helaine  Cool

Allyxx::  HOW RUDE!!!  Especially for a teacher to say something like that!  They're suppose to be there to teach you, guide you and show you a path to follow.... not make fun of you for class entertainment.  UGGG that makes me MAD

im2big::  I don't know what I would've done, but who did he think he was saying that to you!! THAT jerk!!  everything happens for a reason I suppose... maybe he did you a favor because NOW you're on track and having success.

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Plain and simple..."SHE'S SO FAT."

I'll tell ya...the ONE good thing that comes with being overweight is empathy. I know this may sound weird, but being having this extra weight all my life has definitely made me a good person (personality wise). 
"Nobody wants a fat girl, and I don't want to be the one stuck paying your hospital bills when you're so big you can't move." (My father, 1997. I was overweight, but only by 50 pounds - not 500! I was just barely in plus sizes, and could sometimes find clothes in regular stores.)

"If you lost weight you'd be really pretty." (A friend, also 1997.)

The last one was intended as a compliment, probably, but my god, what a backhanded one.
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Comment from my mother (yeah, right) "you are so fat and ugly you will always be on your own"   Ouch!

I am 5ft 5in, was 178lbs, now down to 168lbs, and my goal is 147lbs.

Oh yes, I have been called "lard arse" :-(  I am dress size 14 by the way!
I am drummajor of my high school band. That alone comes with comments of the most cruel nature. Added to that, I once heard someone say "Why would you look at her? You might throw up."

Thats going to change this year.

I have worked really hard to lose weight. i'm 5'11 and 150lbs, but I still have a  belly. I get asked all the time, what age is my baby, or how far along am I? i have had people get up on trains and offer me their seat. When I was on holidays last year, our holiday co-ordinator very kindly explained to me that i would still be able to do the water activites even though i'm pregnant.


It hurts, because i have worked so hard. It feels like i'm never going to get there.


p.s  i'm not pregnant, nor have i ever been! 

When I first started dieting I was really excited to tell ppl about it. So I told my mom and dad and my dads comment was why bother if you lose 25lbs you still have what 40 more to go? Very rude but my dad is just a blunt person none the less it hurt. Now that I am down 30lbs he has complimented me in saying don't you think its time to stop now you look fantastic at whatever weight you are. It sorta helps with what he has said before but I gotta tell myself its my dad and hes a bold person lol.
In the tradition of underhanded, jealous, image-obsessed teenage girls, when I was 14 (8 years ago...damn...) my friends and I would have 3-line phone conversations.  It was all the rage.  Anyway, I was talking on the phone with two of my friends about boys and dates and such, and for some reason I decided to tell them I had to go, but I just muted my end of the conversation instead of hanging up.  They didn't realize it, and started talking about me.

"I can't believe Jess thinks that she has a chance with Joe.  He told me at skate-town [skating rink, the once-popular teenage hangout] that he didn't know why I hang out with such a fat ugly bitch."

"Haha!  I've been asked that before too.  I just tell people that she makes me look hot in comparison, so more guys will talk to me."

I un-muted my phone and said, "I may be fat, but at least the guys that are interested in me like me for who I am and not because I'll make out with them five minutes after meeting them."

In retrospect, the immaturity of the entire situation is staggering.  I cringe thinking about all the shallow teenage stuff I went through, but at least I've learned from it.  Anyway, that was the only time I remember actually being hurt by a comment about my weight.  Most of the time I was called fat in anger by people with whom I was fighting, so I didn't pay any attention because I knew we were just hurling random insults at each other in attempt to see who could hurt whose feelings the worst. 
jess1100 - I just had a look at you pictures. Don't ask, i like to know what people look like when I hear things about them. Anyway, you look fantastic! congratulations:) Ah, you showed them!!

My name is Heather and I grew up fat in a farming community. I was often called "Heffer".

Yup....that hurts.

In middle school this stupid guy that rode my bus said, "You're ugly but you have big boobs, it's a compliment." I think I just told him to f-off or somehting but it really hurt my feelings. A year later I was modeling, so I guess I actaully got the last laugh.

Not really about my weight but I felt I needed to say it. I've been holding that one in for a long time!
No one really ever called me fat as an insult except my sister, who would pull out the fat card whenever she was mad at me... because, well, I'm not stupid, mean, lazy, etc... so she had to call me *something* :P At least, that's what I tell myself.
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