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Women: Do you shave your legs every day in the winter?

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I was just wondering. In the spring, summer, even into fall, I shave my legs either every day or every other day because I wear skirts a lot. In the winter though, I might let it go as long as a week, since I'm typically in long pants or jeans. In fact the only reason I even do it that often is it tends to drive me crazy if I let it go too long. I do have kind of fine, light colored hair though, so it's not as noticeable.

So, do you shave every day? Or do you let it slide?

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Sad, but true, we talk about your hair growth whether you're conscious or not at the hospital.  If you come in clean shaven through the ER and have a forest on your legs by the time you get out of the ICU, we get a good chuckle. 

I know, we're horrible people.  It's just not the norm anymore to see women with unshaved legs, so when we walk into a room and there's more hair on their legs than on their heads, we're like, "ZOMG SRSLY?"

It's like a kick in the knees to remind you to always shave your legs if you can.  They look prettier that way.

Nurses will shave their male patients faces, I just wish they'd shave the ladies legs, too.

I don't shave at all. It's kind of gross, I suppose. But it's natural... I mean, how many men can actually say they've seen the body of a true woman? Hair on the legs and underarms is natural, I don't know why people think it is unwomanly. If you ask me, it's more unwomanly to remove the natural hair from your body. If a woman shaves her head bald, people think she's crazy. If she has cancer, she will buy a wig... some will go to any length to replace the natural hair, while we are so quick to take away the natural hair in other places. I have never felt smooth silky legs against sheets, but I don't notice any difference, I've never experienced leg stubble or anything like that because it was there from the time I was 11. So to me, it feels completely normal.

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I try to. But I get lazy and sometimes only do If I know I'm porkin later on.

LMFAO! and ditto. actually, i shave my pits and nair my legs. for some reason i just suck at shaving my legs. there are too many curves and swoops and i'm always scared i'm gonna slice an artery. actually, the very last time i shaved (and not nair'ed), i sliced a huge one up my calf. my leg had an enormous gash on the back for a good chunk of the summer. so like they say in that nads commercial, "i learnt never to shave again."

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Well, my hubby got me laser hair removal a while back, so I hardly shave my legs or armpits at all anymore.  Maybe once every few weeks.


 do you still have to shave after laser hair removal? I really really REALLY want to do this... but not if I'm going to have to shave anyway!

 (sorry for the late response...)

To a certain extent, yes.  However, when before, looking like a sasquatch after a few weeks and it taking almost and hour and a half to shave, now it takes less than 5 minutes.  Lasers can't get everything, especially if you have light colored leg hair, but what's left on mine is very little, and is very fine, very light colored hair that is barely noticable if I just leave it.

If you get this done, you need to make sure it's done by someone reputable, and don't believe any claims of "guaranteeing" total hair removal.  And be prepared for a bit of pain - I got used to it after a few treatments, but the first ones hurt like a....well, it hurt.

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Ummm....nair anyone?


I do use nair since I have pretty light, thin, slow growing hair now anyway. But perhaps you can enlighten me? I hate the fact that I essentially have to use a whole bottle of this stuff on my legs!!! (Well, I usually get two uses.) It says spread it on thick, am I doing it too thick? Or do I just have to keep spending the dough?

Well, I'm hesitant to tell anyone to use nair like I do...because according to the bottle it's unsafe. I've never got nair burn on my legs, and I've been using it for almost 10 years. I can get about 4 uses out of one bottle, I've got BIG legs. The way I can get 4 applying it in a thin coat, and really rubbing it in. You can actually get a bit of a lather, and then I let it set for 15-25 minutes. After leaving it on long enough, it kind of dries and you can't really see it anymore. The result for me is VERY SMOOTH legs that last a longer time then shaving.

I'd say 2 uses out of one bottle applying it the way the directions say to do it, is right on track.

 is nair actually dangerous?  im so freakin' lazy, i'd love to just nair everything off.

also, sanotacci, how much does laser hair removal cost and how much do you have to do it?

I'm not that meticulous about my leg hair even in the summer when I'm wearing my cutoffs, so obviously I'm not shaving my legs these days. I sort of think "whats the point" and only do it when I plan to wear more revealing things than trousers. I shave my armpits year round, though. If I don't, I sweat more.

Sometimes I shave my legs just because it feels cool.

I have yet to encounter a closer aroma to human flatulence encapsulated in a plastic bottle than is possessed by nair. Use Nad's. if you like the sensation pain, and the color green, and the texture sticky, and the result effective.

Lovegrowsontrees-shaving your legs feels SO cool. shaving anything feels so cool.

however, I shave my legs about twice a month because my leg hair is so minimal, and it's winter and who the{fourlittlestarsthatrobmeofmyfreedomofexpr ession} cares?

i have tried to use nair in the past a few times and got nasty chemical burns. Veet does the same to my legs.

i shave my legs once a week on a great week, every other week on a good week, sometimes even longer than that. i wear long pants/jeans 98% of the time so shaving seems like a huge waste. Hubs never complains.

I shave maybe every other would be less if I wore pants to the gym

I shave them every few days, my hair grows back in a bit slowly so every day isn't necessary really.

I shave at least everyother day if not every...

Maybe 4 to 5 times a week! It hurts to shave them in the winter! When you get out of the shower and get ready then go in the cold, the hairs grow sooo much faster and it hurts! haha

And my hair doesn't grow that quick, so it's never bad/noticeable luckily.

everyday, no

every other day, sometimes

three times a week, mostly

every week, always

Original Post by cellulitedelight:

Everything gets shaved as soon as I see it or feel it growing in, unless I remove the hair by other means.

Me too. Always^ I've never understood why some consider it a hassel. It's simple. Only takes a few seconds and feels so much better that way. :)

To each their own though!

epilator for me and because i don't have strong hair growth i only need to do it once every 5-8wks! :D

I think it varies depending on situations. If I'm gonna be a bum for awhile, I might be lazy about it and not shave it till it's a bit fuzzy. In the winter my legs rarely come out (except at night) so I'm not 'on top of it' as much in the winter. In warmer weather it's usually about every 3 days because any sooner and it's a waste of razor as it doesn't cut anything.

Armpits on the other hand is every other day, no if's, and's or but's!

I use Intuition for shaving legs/pits. I got it for free one day at Sam's Club, they were doing some sort of promotion and was giving away the razor with 2 extra razors. I tried it and fell in love with it. I have extremely sensitive armpits and shaving them used to be painful (forget using other products on them...they swell and turn red, very painful)... but the one they were giving away happened to be the 'sensitive' one. And it worked a dream. I no longer use shaving cream or anything like that, I just wash the area and then shave, the soap around the razor gets wet and it acts as shaving cream. I also buy my razors in bulk from Sam's club, you get way more for the money. I use the razor about 3-4 times before cuts smooth everytime.

I use veet on my upper lip, because waxing and anything is far too painful. I also agree about the smell... it's like rotten eggs and it's RIGHT under my nose. >_< I wax any extra hair with Nad's (store brand version now though...cheaper). I used Nad's on my legs once and managed to somehow sorta burnt myself. I did as instructed and when I pulled, no hair came with but my skin was all red, not sure what happened but both my legs felt like I had sunburn. I've also used microwavable wax, but I haven't in a long time cause it's so much easier to take the nad's out from under the sink and do it in the bathroom, than to run out...nuke/warm up and go back in. I usually do everything at once while showering.

Sounds like I am genetically very lucky, hair-wise. My BF calls me a "hairless creature" but I do in fact have some's just very little, very fine and light, kinda like santonacci post-laser without the pain of it! I will go for weeks without shaving, I just don't notice or think of it. My mom never shaved her legs in her life, I likely should have left well enough alone and done the same but back as a teen I wanted to try it, so now it does grow back a little. When I notice it I also use Intuition shaver, its awesome! And it's especially good for shaving lady parts, no razor burn or ingrown hairs.

Incidentally I do have one dark hair that insists on growing back. It's on my chin. Ok yeah I am grateful it's only ONE but on my chin? Seriously? And it's a clever, sneaky little bugger, it won't be there for months and then suddenly it will spring forth, fully formed and one inch long, and of course I don't notice it immediately but when I do I am horrified and wonder how long it has been there for all to see. I guess I could laser it.

Like Cellulite I hate the idea of not shaving and ending up in the hospital and being hairy! Not because I work at one, just because I've spent a lot of time in them - and I also wish they'd offer to help shave my legs! LOL

Seriously though - I hate having excess hair (Irish wookie here if I don't take care of it.) I prefer WAXING for the legs, but you have to let the hair grow to do it, thus the conundrum. So I shave if I don't wax and I shave almost every day. (Also wear shorts at the gym.) Pits done every day too. Other, ahem, parts - when it needs it ;)

I want that laser hair treatment too! When I win powerball this weekend.....LOL

Well, my skin is very very sensitive so I get razor burn no matter what I do. I tried different razors, litions, after shave lotions, moisturizers....but I still get it sometimes in the summer, especially if I shave every day. I do it every other  day in the summer. The funny thing is that when I get cold, shaved skin always hurts like hell and I get red bumps that take ages to heal. So, no, I do not shave in the winter because if I do, I will be in pain and my legs will be full of ugly red painful bumps.


Like some people said though, I always freak out about being in an accident and not having shaved legs...but better that than constant pain.


I shave my armpits every day because it's uncomfy if I don't.   I never get a rash there though.

every day?  are you crazy?  no, summer i shave maybe twice a week; winter - maybe twice a month.  i'm not all that hairy, i guess.

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