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Why do women think artifical anything is appealing?

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In light of the other thread -

Why do women

Wear makeup?

Pluck their eye brows to 1/8 in thin?  Or even shave them off and redraw them?

Get artificial nails? 

Think that unshaved legs are "gross"?

Get artificial boobs?

Strive to look like plastic dolls?  Botox anyone?

Tease their hair into billowing puffs of hairsprayed fakeness?

Run with it!


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Insecurities with themselves. They don't like the person they are outside so they feel if they change their appearance with all that fake crap they will at least look good to the person looking at them. Little do most of these women know that most people can see that fake crap coming a mile away and thinks it's gross and ugly. ven the perfectly round plastic boobs.

I never really cared about my nails, I'm not really insecure about them, I just feel more put-together when I get acrylics. I like them a lot. I would get them even if I was bed-ridden--they just make me feel pretty ^-^

c'mon, now, who doesn't love a good makeover show?

I get why some women do all that stuff. And I get why some women don't.

The re-invention is what intrigues me.

I don't find unshaved legs gross, just uncomfortable.  Most body hair, actually, I find to be uncomfortable.  Fabric tugs on it and it gets itchy.

I know it's women we're discussing here, but let's not forget some of the extremes men go through.  Like hair plugs.  Dudes, just accept the fact that you now have to put sunscreen on the top of your head.

dig a dude with a balding head, as long as he keeps his hair close's the old school cover ups that are frightening.

Original Post by kathygator:

dig a dude with a blading head, as long as he keeps his hair close's the old school cover ups that are frightening.


I like having my nails done but I'm phobic about acrylic nails. Do you have any idea the amount of germs that can live in those things? *shudder* I cringe every time my MIL has to put her hands in the prep for dinner.

I hate the feel of hairy legs.

never did the hairsprayed all over do. I like to feel silky hair. I did used to "poof" the front back in the 80s/90s LOL. I keep it natural now. Sometimes blow dry to make it straight.

My eyebrows take up too much of my face and make me look neanderthal-ish. My eyes are naturally slightly sunken and they get lost, so I keep them plucked. I do NOT draw them on!

Its all because I'm so vain. :P

Wait. What was the question?

*thinks artificial whipped cream is just great*

I dunno, some body modification is ok....

But maybe that's because I wana be a robot when I grow up :D

Original Post by abbeyhunter:

*thinks artificial whipped cream is just great*

 ahhh. I love me some cool whip.

And, think about the obsession with celebrities that SO many freakin people have...if that isn't obsessing about artificial...many of them are SO FAKE..from their personal appearance to their 'fake' lives that their publicist conjured up for them.

What about tattoos and piercings?  Artificial as well.

Original Post by rosieblue:

What about tattoos and piercings?  Artificial as well.

 I have tattoos and do not consider myself artifical. 

I think part of it is to boost confidence, going back to insecurities. 

And I think another part of it is perfection.  People wanting to be the perfect image, because of peers, trying to catch up with the newest trends.  Or OCD, everything has to be perfect. 

In my opinion.

It's all a matter of preference. You like the way something looks, so you want to wear it. The same applies to any of those things.

Original Post by loriklorik:

I dunno, some body modification is ok....

But maybe that's because I wana be a robot when I grow up :D

 LOL  somehow I am not surprised by this.  It almost sounds like a new tv show "Lorik Cyborg"

I know I'm insecure to a certain extent, and maybe I'm more artificial than i thought. I dunno...I don't really think about my feelings too often lol

Anyway....I love getting my nails done. Nothing feels better than a pedicure. I'm aching to get a pedicure but I'm waiting until my marathon is over (October 25th...ahh so far away!!) I've never gotten fake nails though. I dunno - they just don't appeal to me! Besides, I play the piano and give lessons so I have to keep them fairly short, so fake nails would be a big no-no!

I tweeze my eyebrows but they are still thick. Bad genetics - I'm just a hairy person and I have a few strays in the middle. I hate it when people overpluck, though - it looks awful!!!

And yeah, I do have my ears pierced. I love earrings, and any jewelry for that matter. 

I shave my legs. I hate it when they're not smooth. I hate it even in the winter when no one sees them - I just like the feeling of my smooth legs against the sheets. 

Don't have fake boobs. Don't need em, lol. I'm a 34C and I'm content with my size!

I don't tease my hair, but I do straighten it sometimes. Also, my hair's naturally curly, so I do put mousse in it if I'm going to wear it down. 

And I think we beat makeup to death in my infamous thread, but I'll tell yall what I'm wearing right now anyway. I have on mascara. I did have on my lovely Burt's Bees colored chapstick, but it's worn off. Time to reapply I suppose!


So what do yall think? Am I insecure? I've never really thought about it. Maybe all these artificial things I do are to hide the real me, I dunno. Honestly, the reason I do these things is because that's how my mom raised me. I never questioned any of it and I just assumed that these things are normal. I guess I'm in the minority, though.


Edit: waxes are fantastic, too!!! I guess I'm weird but I HATE my hair (except the hair on my head!). I'm not sexually active, but I got a brazilian bikini wax. nobody saw it but me, lol, but it made me happy. not to mention I have two white swimsuits, so it was kind of necessary. I know that's TMI but whatever - I feel like I can be strangely open on this website bc I don't think (hope!) anyone knows me in real life. 

It is not a bad thing that women like to beautify themselves or show their best parts..


I am,yes,against the too much make-up thing..or the plastic-doll-look-like bodies..or fake breasts..But again..

Some make-up that brings out the features of the face is just pretty..and sometimes women with sharp features ( like I have been told about myself ) look good and make-up just helps with bringing out the colour of the eyes or the skin..Smile

you know?

and yeah,unshaved hair on my body is like totally annoying and I do find it gross..shaved legs and shaved bodies look all clear and

I'm mostly natural.  I shave my legs and pits, try to keep my eyebrows somewhat presentable, and dye my hair occasionally. 

I had a younger friend who asked my about dying my hair as it started going gray.  "Why don't you keep it natural?" She asked. 

I looked at her and said:  "Why do you wear makeup, tweeze your eyebrows, pay for a manicure, have pierced ears, tatoos, and take diet pills?  Why not be natural?" 

She just looked at me and blushed.  I love her, but really!!!  I'm about 10X more "natural" than she is... 

Edit:  Want to add, that I don't really care one way or the other about it... just thought it funny that she should be asking me about it! 

I think I'll just disagree. I don't see how plucking your eyebrows or styling your hair is "artificial". Some people just want to like nice and neat or GASP even stylish. I don't see how that's being "fake". Plastic surgery, yes, that's artificial. You're making pretty permanent changes to your body.

I highlight my hair. I have a tatoo. I have my ears pierced [numerous times] and my belly button pierced. I don't care if that makes me artificial...I think it makes me look hot! ;)

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