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Wisdom teeth... :-[

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Well, tomorrow I am going under for wisdom tooth extraction. Luckily, I am only getting one out for now. It was infected last week, and after getting put on antibiotics, I scheduled an appointment to get it taken out. The others will come out in a few months.

But, what kinds of foods can I expect to be able to eat for the following couple days? I know I won't be able to chew much at all. I've got lots of yogurt in the fridge, some popsicles, ice cream :-], soup... any other suggestions I might want to pick up from the store tonight?!

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With it being only one tooth you might be surprised that you are still able to chew the other side of your mouth.  But who knows.  I am sure your dentist can provide you with a list of foods that are OK to eat.

When I got my tongue pierced Tongue outthey told me I wouldn't be able to eat for several days so I stocked up on soup and ice cream.  However it didn't hurt at all.  Oh well, I still ate the ice cream! 

Just don't eat anything you need to suck on. It can dislodge the clot and lengthen the healing process. I had all 4 out at once and it was not pretty.

Yoghurt and soup are great from what I remember. Porridge (oatmeal) would be good too, or fruit smoothies if you have a blender.

I had all four done at once. I remember having to wash out the wound with a syringe with a bent tip; make sure you do that if they tell you to, you don't want food to get stuck in the wound.

If I recall correctly avoid acidic food also. And here is my single biggest tip..


My pain killers wore off for the first procedure while I was at walmart waiting for my pain killer and I had a full on melt down. at the time I didn't know that my medication made me very hard  to sedate. Very bad time, you never want to lay on the floor in a wal mart.

I also told my dentist I loved him while under sedation. Good Times.

Best wishes. 

I wasn't able to eat regular food for about a week to be honest. I was ok after about 4 days then I had to get off the medicine and it hurt way too bad again to eat anything solid.

My surgery was rough though. I had all 4 out and they were all impacted into the bone. I was sick the whole time too. Loratabs will get you. My doctor didnt tell me this but after the first day if you feel quesy with your medicine only take one half of one. that helped me so much when I  started doing that instead. oh and never take medicine on an empty stomach. I suffered the consequences of that one too.

But hey on the upside I lost like 8 lbs...for that week at least...haha

Christina brings up some good points about the pain killers and fasting.

You may want to follow a lot of the fasting tips, and you definatly want to start with the smallest amount of pain killers possible because you can always add more but you can't subtract. also do not mis with alcohol  because puking over your tooth holes is the worst thing ever and the alcohol may react violently with the pills depending on what you get.

Just hoping you are doing ok today.   (tooth pull day)

It's good to get those suckers out.  I got all 4 of mine pulled about 5 years ago and i'm so glad I did.  No more pain!

Best of luck and TAKE IT EASY :)

Everyone reacts differently. I had friends who had loads of problems, ended up with dry sockets, etc.
I had all of mine out the same day. I threw up quite a bit because of the anethesia (everytime I've been put under I throw up after waking). I just ate yogurt and soup the first couple days. I only needed my painkillers for the first two days as well...

Best of luck.
It's true, everyone reacts really differently.  I got mine all out the same day, took an advil that night and was fine by the next day.  The chipmunk cheeks stuck around a while of course and I had to eat soup for a couple of days.

I tend to heal really fast though.
I had a sexy black eye. It was pretty much the best part. haha
i got all 4 of mine in alrwady never felt any pain what so ever and i dont have to get them pulled because i have a big mouth lol id would just get all 4 pulled at the same time though lol

I got all 4 out at 1 time....2 impacted. I couldn't eat anything other than mashed potatoes and some melted ice cream or milk shake with a spoon for about a week. (*who would think you could lose weight on nothing but shakes and potatoes....not that I am encouraging this as any kind of weight loss plan). It was the worst pain ever....and the meds got me real sick (how ironic, i can handle drugs on a recreational basis but out of necessity i am a total light weight!)

I used to say I wanted to try natural child birth....but since I got my teeth pulled I have pretty much changed my mind. I know I should try to be encouraging but I pretty much want to punch anyone who told me it would "not be bad" right in the face. It was horrible.

Well, I'm alive. Ha. 4 days later and I'm still eating simple things -- applesauce, yogurt, popsicles, and I even had a heaping of mashed potatoes yesterday. Still not able to chew yet, but the pain is getting better and the swelling is going down.

Thanks for all the advice though everyone! I'm not looking forward to getting the rest of them taken out this summer...

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