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What's up with BEBE Jeans?

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Does anyone shop at BEBE?  I do and I love the store but I'm a little bummed that I wear a 29 in jeans there. Other places where I shop like Express and The Limited, I wear a 4 or 6.  A 29 at BEBE is equivalent to a size 8!! That is crazy!! Anyone else experience this? Am I a size 4, 6 or 8? I just don't know anymore. Undecided
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Sounds to me like BEBE has the sizing right. I just bought a size 4 pair of jeans at Express. The sticker stuck to them said 4 but the tag inside the jeans said 31W. Just another case of vanity sizing I think.
I would believe that but on BEBE's site the size chart says that a 31 is equal to a size 12. You are not a size 12 are you? This is why I'm confused. I have size 8 jeans from Express and size 10s that fall off of me, but the size 4's fit just right, so that's why I am very confused. I'm not trying to be obsessed with this but when you go into a store thinking you are a certain size and then try on pair of jeans and you can't even get them over your a$$ then that can bring some frustration.
Nope, not a size 12, but not a 2 either. I can fit into a size 2 at some places a size 4 at others, and sometimes a 6 won't fit at others. It is frustrating! And sometimes just plain depressing. I feel your pain. :O/
im a 25-27 at bebe...whats that in normal sizing ( 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 ,6 etc...) ??? i always wanted to know ><

edit: ooooooo i saw the size chart. [=

nvm the question.

Women's clothing manufacturers refuse to cooperate and set standard sizings based on body measurements. It is a waste of time and energy worrying about what size you think you are, or getting depressed because you have to wear a bigger size of one kind of jean.

Many manufacturers make their sizes big so that you'll be so thrilled to be wearing a smaller number that you'll keep coming back to their store to buy their overpriced and oversized clothing.

The pattern manufacturers got together many years ago and standardized their sizings by body measurements. So if you're a 12 in Butterick, you're also a 12 for Vogue, Simplicity & McCalls.

Those of you concerned about your size in jeans would absolutely freak out if you took your measurements and compared them to the size on a pattern. You would find that you went up between 3-4 sizes.

Yesterday I went into my favorite store The Limited to see what new collections they had and I tried on some jeans. It's crazy. I know they have different fits but in the Cassidy fit that I wear the most I could almost wear a 2. The size 4 was just right but a tad bit big in the waist. Now in the Drew fit I couldn't get into a 4, but the size 6 fit in the thighs but not in the waist, too big! So the sales rep told me to try the Lexie fit and that fit ok but I didn't like the look. So now I'll go back to Express to see if I can get lucky there. I'm sick of how hard it is to find a good pair of jeans and how the sizes vary so much that you have no idea of what your size is. It will only get worse because I am working to make my waist even smaller.

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It is a waste of time and energy worrying about what size you think you are, or getting depressed because you have to wear a bigger size of one kind of jean.


 I don't understand this either. Why don't they go ahead and make negative 0 sized jeans because they'd sell like hot cakes.

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I don't understand this either. Why don't they go ahead and make negative 0 sized jeans because they'd sell like hot cakes.

 Oh, they do.

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Oh, they do.

 OH my God.

They hire different fit models and use her when they fit the clothes. The sizing will vary from season to season

  When I worked in retail we actually had to order all new manaquins because (among other reasons)at one point the sizing had skewed so much the 4 was a 0. 

I agree it sucks. 

Was just in bebe today.  Saw a pair of jeans that I really want.  I am a size 12 at Express.  The largest size they had at bebe was a 30. I was too chicken to try them on.  Not sure what size I really am 30..31..32??? Just know that I fit well into a size 12 at all the other stores.  What do you think.  Should I try.

Hi all! The first thing you should consider is the "fit" or type of jean as they all run different. For instance a "boyfriend" jean will run looser than a skinny jean. So find your jean type first, Bebe and Guess and Express all have these different types.  Second look at the fabric content.  Higher percent of cotton the tighter and less forgiving the fit.  Third look at the waist level, mid, high low rise.  If you are "hippie" not like the 60's just a bit hippie LOL,  mid rise and high rise will fit better.  Low rise run smaller in the hip area, in other words, they hit lower on the body so if a 30 and you have like 36 hips you will be fine, but 30 with 38 hips go for a higher rise. 

That said comparing these "types" of jeans is like comparing excuse the pun, apples to oranges.  The taste is different and you can't eat the skin.  So find your best "type" and size in that jean. Keep in mind the fabric content, more stretch you  may be able to go down a size in the right "rise".  Example: A boyfriend jean in Express size 4 fits much looser than a skinny jean in Bebe or Guess. My best guess (because this is my size in a boyfriend) Express: size4 boyfriend = Bebe size 28-29 (depending on fabric) boyfriend.   If you are a size 30-32 in another jean and want to try Bebe get a jean with a mid to high rise with more model (spandex whatever)and lower cotton content so they will stretch. 

Hope this helps!

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