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What's the temperature INSIDE your house right now?

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It's 59 degrees in my family room!


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Its about that in my apartment, but I also put the fan on. I must be having a hot flash...oh wait, im only 19. lol. i just get overheated very easily.

yikes....why so cold? (thats cold to me because i live in Fl..haha)

The temperature in my house is 75ish.

plus im from wisconsin and today its actually nicer out... 30 degrees! yay!

It is 68, but we usually keep it cooler because I'm so cheap. We turned it up for company.

 (Side note: The company returned the good will be bringing over some wonderful lasagna and lemon bread. Next time we will keep the house cool enough to discourage food bearing friends, then I can stay within my calorie limit.)

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At least 80.

I live in an apartment building that is co-op (I am renting), and the co-op association apparently feels compelled to blast the heat to the legal maximum 90% of the time. 

It was in the low 60's the last time I was outside... beautiful day!
72, I keep it that temp all year round.
65, but upstairs it feels more like 70 and downstairs feels like 60.

We're better insulated up here 'cause we actually know how to block a damned draft.
It's about 57ish or so in here.  We had a pretty sunny day today in the Pacific Northwest, so I had the windows open earlier.  I'm on the third floor, so when it's sunny out, it gets pretty warm in here.  
My hubby and I constantly argue over the temp in the house. I am cheap and do not like to pay bills, I would rather use blankets to keep warm, so right now it is 65 because he went to bed early and I snuck in the hall and turned the heat of when he did, ha ha! I win this round of the heater wars!
76.8, but it was 80 degrees outside today and we had the windows open.

Its about 70 - I have a space heater going, but not the wood burning stove.  I have no central heat in our house and it was cloudy today but not chilly outside so the heater has worked well. 


About 67 I think. I don't use the forced air heat much because it makes the upstairs too hot and the downstairs never really gets warm.
68 year round.  Hubby likes this temp.  Not too bad- as long as I have my blankey.
70.  I turned the heater on when I got home from work. 
I always have it set at 68
Everyone likes it mighty COLD!!!!!

With the exception of azlonerider

I have a program for my tempurature

During day time its 22 celsius(72F) at night its 17 celsius(60F) 
64 unless I'm having one of those horrible 'can't get warm' spells then it's 68. My half-ass attempt to be environmentally friendly by consuming less resources.
68 - my kids would say this is too they sit around in t-shirts.

I say it's perfect and go put on a sweatshirt.  I do not want to give the gas/electric comapny any more of my money than I have to.

I need if for the gas tank of the car!
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