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What's your ring size?

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Of all the things I could be self conscious about, I think my fingers are fat. I'm 19, 5'3" and 130lbs, medium to slight build.. I am by no means a large girl. But my ring size is a 9.5/10!

I was just curious whether weight and bone structure have anything to do with your ring size, because it doesn't seem that way in my case.

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My ring size is a UK size "J" which apparently is a US 4 5/8.
I'm 5'6", currently 149lb, normally 125lb but thankfully none of the extra weight went on my hands.  My wrists are skinny and my hands long and lean ("pianists hands" I've been told), and I like them.  I'd hate to have sausage fingers.

I am 5'3" and 98 pounds.  am 18 and my ring size is a 4.25 and it sounds like I'm being particular but 4.5 is too big and a 4 is slightly snug. My ring I have now is a 4.5 thought because it is not easy to find.25's

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