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what's the most unhealthiest thing you've ate?

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mines got to be this lasagne i had once 2520 calories (thats a whole days worth of calories) Surprised

but as soon as I realised I threw it away + the amount of beef it had in it was shocking there could have been anything in there. eyelids and skin and all other nasties... gonna stop writing now before i throw up

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I can easily devour medium pizzas. It's not until later that my stomach will swell and I get that feeling of "I'm going to die."

I choose not to do this anymore :P

Large domino's pizza, garlic bread, 4 domino's cookies and a box of country white wine. Wow :D But it's okay, I wasn't the one sick!

I don't understand,

Okay. Ham, turkey, deepfried. Alright, bad but...

Powdered sugar? I didn't even know you could do that. Is it nice? :D

zombie pizza.....

ETA insularfly, who the heck are you talking to? The last post in this thread was from 2009.

A woman I used to know named Terry completely messed with my brain and left me in a state of complete confusion, angst and unfocused rage.

Definitely the unhealthiest thing I ate.

I hear she's a zombie now.

*** dashes in to assess zombie status*** sees that ZVH has been activated *** sends silent thanks to higher power ***  nibbles the zombie pizza *** GAGS***spits it out ***  dashes off to fight zombification elsewhere***

ugh.  poor zombie grammar.

Ah opps. :p


Either way though, I looked online, I'd never seen one before, it was burger, bacon with like a bagel/donut on top with icing sugar, it was so strange :P

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