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What's your inseam?

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I'm pretty tall(5'10), but my inseam is only like 32-33 inches!

How about you guys? What's your inseam?

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About 27-28" - but I'm only 4'10" so that kinda makes sense.

im 5'8" and i can get away with a 33 in flats but prefer a 34 so i can wear boots. i cant wear heels unless i have 35s which i can find in junior styles. i prefer junior style anyways even though im 47yo. ha.

Original Post by lilsammi23:

About 27-28" - but I'm only 4'10" so that kinda makes sense.

same, and i'm 4'11"

I'm 5'3" and I am at about 31" for my inseam.

My inseam is 32" and I am only 5 2". I've got super long legs for a short person!!

i'm 5'8" and mine is 32".  'bout average, i think.

WG - you're my inseam twin!

Original Post by starlitocean:

WG - you're my inseam twin!

now *I* want wine!

I'm 5'8" and need at least a 33 or 34. My ex was 6' and I could wear his jeans because we had the same inseam. His body was much longer.

My son is 6'4" and needs a 36.

I am 5'7 with a 33" inseam

my boyfriend is 6"5 and wears a 34/34 pant....

both of our pants fit fine!

my inseam is 29.5"

5' 4" inseam 27"

5'6" and 32" I think.

5'9" and 72"

Oh wow, so leggy! It must be hard to find pants.

Well I'm going to be the first male to weigh in here. Unless you ladies are factoring in shoes, you're making me feel a little inadequate. I'm 5' 11" and only have a 32 inch inseam. Are women really that much more leggy than men?

Technically, yes. Men generally have longer torso's and shorter legs than women, regardless of height.

What's an inseam?

what's an inseam??

{length of} The inside hemline of your pants from crotch to ankle.

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